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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: saf, who seems to have the solution to all of my problems. First the cat traps, then an endocrinologist… I’m very happy with Washington Endo, and finally feel like I am getting the thyroid under control. So thanks, saf! You rock!

    Rant: traffic seemed especially bad today. I really felt sorry for the guy with the broken down car on Military Road. What a nightmare.

  • Revel: Off to Texas tomorrow morning to spend time with family! Nephews, swimming, Tex-mex food, and seeing my childhood friend – I can’t wait!
    Rave: Seeing the sunrise this morning. I love the pink sky this time of year.
    Rant: Can’t think of anything. It’s a sunny day and I’m alive, that’s all I need.

  • Rave: The Small Press Expo, DC’s own independent comics and art festival is only 8 days away!
    Rant: Managing 650 artists in a 23,000 sq ft space is a lot of work! They’re not the most organized people…!

    • I recently saw a flyer for that and considered going because one of my favorite cartoonists (Peter Bagge) is going to be there. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it, but I might still try.

    • YES! I second your rave! SPX is super fun (if chaotic), and I am incredibly excited that Lisa Hanawalt will be there.

  • Rave: The weather
    Rant: Neighbor complained to me yesterday that I had the music on too loud the night prior.
    Rave: He was nice about it and did say it’s the first time he’s heard it and I wasn’t innocent, did have some music going at 1 am. But our building has really good walls so haven’t ever thought sound was an issue. Apologized and it was nice to meet my neighbor!

    • You give me hope that one day I might be able to speak to the guys who live a couple doors down from me. They have regular weeknight salons (I guess) on their porch, where they discuss arts and food and politics with a gathering of their friends. Actual quotes:
      “Fuck the dogs, man, Vick is awesome.”
      “I was so fucking stoned, bro, I spent like three hours in Chipotle.”
      “Fucking Obama, man, I mean I voted for him and shit, but I didn’t get a raise this year because he fucked the economy.”
      On second thought, maybe I don’t want to get to know these gentlemen.

      • Wow, they sound like horrible horrible people. You’re in a townhouse and you can hear them a few doors down on their porch? They must be super loud.

  • Rant: Just bought hostess cupcakes, they’re not the same as they used to be… Oh well.

    Rave: Planning my friend’s bachelor party, the limo rental looks damn expensive for 5 hrs. Most of the people in the group did not get wife permission to go to strip clubs, so it will be a regular party night. Anyone got any good recommendations?

    Rave: No plans to travel anywhere far until later this year. I’m kind of tired of driving for long distances at the moment, kind of nice to have stay-cations.

    Rant: Every trash day our alley is lined with stuff from everyone’s trash cans, bottles etc, and trash cans are busted then left blocking alleys. I know being in waste management isn’t the most likable job, but there is very little pride in the work these days, actually lots of contempt for the customers, and notifying DCPW does nothing. They will not be getting a tip from me this Christmas.

    • epric002

      the guys on our route have been friendly whenever i’ve seen them. how do you tip them?

      • My grandma tipped her garbage collectors with two cans of Budweiser every week. She could put a Cadillac out with her trash and they’d pick it up with no fee. Try putting two cold cans of bud out no your cans right before they come and see if it helps.

      • I’d usually leave a 20$ bill in an envelope on the can early in the morning. Even if I tip them, the rest of the alley would be in shambles anyway… I’ve had to replace car tires because of the broken glass all over the place. I think it’s them making a statement about how much they don’t like their jobs. There should be some sort of “quality inspection” in alleys after trash pickup to make sure they are doing a good job, but I’m fairly sire the guy who got hired to do it just hangs out at 7-11 down the street in his company car all day.

    • Really? Asking their wives’ permission? Kids these days. I fear for American manhood.

      My wife took her “bachelorettes” to a gay strip club because the Chippendales-style places for straight women were too tame. Needless to say, she didn’t worry about where my boys and I went, then or for subsequent bashes.

      • Yeah, “wife permission”? Yikes.

      • Yea, that sounds ridiculous to me as well. We’re talking about a titty bar not a Las Vegas brothel, right? Seems rather prudish to me.

      • epric002

        married adults asking their spouse for “permission” to just about anything is cringe-worthy.

      • Seriously. It’s a bachelor party for goodness sakes. If I were a jealous wife, I would be much more worried about my husband and his friends getting drunk in a bar – much more likely that one of them will get drunk and do something stupid. Tell him he can’t spend more than 50 bucks or something, that’s reasonable. I don’t understand all this “you’re not allowed” business – marriage shouldn’t be jail.

        • Yeah, a rational jealous wife should prefer a strip club because all the patrons are male and the women aren’t interested in anything except their money.

          • You’re underestimating the number of women with self-esteem issues who are plagued by insecurity.
            My girlfriend isn’t like that at all – hell, she’d be more upset that she wasn’t getting lap dances from the girls – but there’s a ton of guys out there who have to “ask” or even “beg” for permission. They live lives of misery, but have only themselves to blame.

      • I don’t know how that happens either, but that’s why I’m still happily single. Screw asking for permission! hah!

      • Eww, agreed. And it’s not just about “manhood,” it goes both ways: its weird for both male and female spouses to have to ask for “permission” for things in general. If someone isn’t trustworthy to begin with, I doubt avoiding strip clubs would change that. Also, um, don’t marry shady people to begin with?

      • I’m a wife, and would never make my husband ask for permission. He’s the keeper of his own balls. I would like him to tell me though, mainly so I could remind him to tip these ladies well…med school is expensive!

      • Guess I’m old fashioned, but knowing that my going to a strip club would upset my wife is a good reason for me not to go. Add to the fact that I would consider it disrespectful to her. Plus, I have no interest in going to such places. Don’t be afraid to take the higher road – it is often a happier place.

        • epric002

          not doing something that you know would upset your spouse reflects a mature, respectful partnership. having to ask permission to do things reflects an immature, un-trusting relationship.

        • Sounds like you’re not going because you’re choosing not to; as opposed to you want to go but your wife isn’t having it. I see a distinction there.

        • Finally, an adult.
          You know, people, what you don’t understand is what goes on at strip clubs and bachelor parties. I’ve heard enough stories from guy friends to know that I don’t want my husband going. Plus, it’s incredibly disrespectful to have “one last night” of objectifying women and being sexual with a woman/women other than your wife. It’s a juvenile expression of sexuality. I know a story about my husband’s friend who basically got off with a stripper 2 nights before he got married. And she didn’t do anything that wasn’t par for the course at a strip club. I had a hard time looking his wife in the face at the wedding because it’s so humiliating for them both. Just awful.

          • Based on my personal experiences and the people I know, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. I’m not saying those things don’t happen but I am saying they are not typical or ‘par for the course’. I think you have an outdated understanding of strip clubs and bachelor parties. Or maybe you just know worse people than I do.

          • I used to work at the Camelot (waitperson, not dancer). While things may have happened outside the club, inside it was, well, no exactly PG but definitely not X rated goings-on going on.

          • that experience was very rare if it was a strip club in this area. other areas are quite different.

          • I recommend “G-strings and Sympathy” by Katherine Frank – it is a very interesting read, and will definitely give you new insight into the psychology of strip clubs and the guys who frequent them. It’s more than a juvenile expression of sexuality. It is not a new book, but I heard her talking it up in a recent interview – maybe they are making a movie or something.

          • There’s a difference between finding strip clubs problematic and telling your spouse what he/she can’t do, as if you’re their parent and they can’t make reasonable choices on their own. I think the “permission” issue is what most of us were discussing, not how we personally feel about strip clubs.

            If a guy was that into strip clubs I wouldn’t be married to him in the first place, because we sure wouldn’t have much in common.

      • You’ve alluded it to it previously, but you are divorced, right?

      • I was under the impression that being married or being in a partnership with someone means you willingly take on the “burden” of being considerate with respect to their feeelings. I don’t know about the “asking permission” stuff, but it seems to me that if your wife has a major problem with you going to a strip club you should not go. Not because you did not get permission to go but because you are considerate of your wife’s feelings – as considerate as you expect her to be if she asks to do something or go somewhere that makes you really uncomfortable.
        And it’s also worth noting that these guys could have been employing the old “the wife won’t let me do it” excuse to cover the fact that they really didn’t want to go to a strip club.

    • There are many other ways to travel other than driving. Have you considered the use of planes, trains or buses?

      • For a Bachelor party in DC? Planes and trains? Those would probably overshoot the clubs, and there’s way too much waiting involved… And you can’t have a full bar and music playing on a metro bus… Nothx.

        • Hire a driver with an SUV for the night from one of the local livery companies. And have the driver pick up/drop off the guys at your house (you should let all the guys crash at your place – Bro Breakfasts are awesome!). It gets a lot more expensive when the driver is picking up/dropping off everyone at their individual houses in PG County, NW, NE, etc.

          Shouldn’t be more than $300 ($250 + $50 tip) for the entire evening.

        • msmaryedith

          My friend had her bachelorette here and we did Uber SUVs to get between venues. Most of them were only a few minutes apart, so it just wasn’t worth spending that much on a limo we weren’t actually going to be in. I was just the one who took it upon myself to go outside and call the Uber and get everyone into it. They are not that expensive and are nice.

        • I think he’s responding to the second rave:
          “No plans to travel anywhere far until later this year. I’m kind of tired of driving for long distances at the moment, kind of nice to have stay-cations.”

        • Had this local kid drive us around East Hampton for 3 days. 20$ an hour. Kid got paid. And no one got arrested. Which is nice.

    • Do they need permission from their wives? Because I’m a wife and I give them permission.

    • Actually, sanitation workers are among the highest-morale district employees. There was a WP profile a year or two ago, and it made it out to be a sought-after and much-liked job. People do it for decades, not because they can’t work elsewhere in the gov’t, but because they don’t want to.

      • The salary is really good for a job that doesn’t require special skills or a degree, and you’re done work by 11 am. Not bad at all.

        • That 11 am point may be true for the sanitation workers that pick up residential trash – and I don’t think it is – but it’s definitely not true for the people working the trucks that pick up the trash cans on street corners. They don’t roll through my neighborhood until 11 pm or later.

    • Strip clubs are depressing. A bunch of dudes trying to ignore their boners. And, you can overlook the pathologies of the dancers while you watch them jiggle, but a lot of sad lives lead to stripping. I think those places can ruin an evening, based on my experience going to bachelor parties, so I’d propose you do something dirty along the lines of deep sea fishing, rent ATV’s, or paintball.

      And maybe you don’t have to ask your wife, but you do have to tell, and usually either way you better hope she doesn’t disapprove too strongly.

  • epric002

    rave: more glorious weather!
    rave: yoga tonight!
    rave: going to be an auntie again, this time it looks like it’ll be a nephew πŸ˜€
    rave: only one in the office so far today. yay for peace and quiet.
    rave: no rants!

    • Shared rave: I LOVE the first couple of hours when I’m in the office before anyone else comes in! I get more done between 7 and 9 than I do the rest of the day.
      Related rant: Tired of all the judgement and comments about “knocking off early” when I leave earlier than others. And also all the days I have to stay late to accommodate people who want to hold meetings at 4:30 or 5 that could just as well have been at 3.

      • Same here. I’m usually the first one is by at least an hour, and then I feel bad when I try to leave at 5:30.

      • You need to work where I do. My co-workers are military types, age 50+, and they live far outside the Beltway so they get up super-early to avoid traffic. Typical work hours are 6:30-3pm. I’m not a morning person, and I get some looks when I show up at 8, but I’m the most productive between 3 and 5pm when it’s just me and the cleaning people. I’ll admit, I do enjoy the rare day that I happen to get in at 7 (or am forced to because of a meeting) and can get out earlier.

      • epric002

        the hours at my office vary widely too. some people are here as early as 7, and some (though few) don’t come in til 10.

      • There are a lot of early people in my office, so no one blinks when the elevators start filling at 3:30. Strength in numbers I guess.

        We just finished summer flex hours and I’m finding that I feel guilty when I leave without working the extra hour now. It’s nice to be out earlier, but there’s not much going on in Rockville at 4:30.

      • This is why I usually stay late by half an hour or an hour after most people leave. It’s so quiet and I can get so much more done when I’m not getting interrupted every few minutes.

    • epric002

      request: making dinner for husband’s work colleagues. want to do chicken and panzanella. what should we make as a side to go with? i’m thinking something green- steamed green beans? asparagus (not seasonal)? roasted brussels sprouts?

      • I can’t find it online, but I saw a recipe recently for green beans in a green olive dressing. I would lightly steam the beans, then toss them with finely chopped olives, olive oil, and lemon juice. Green olives complement chicken really well and will play off the Mediterranean flavors in the panzanella.

      • a side of bacon?

      • NOT roasted brussels sprouts. They are delicious, but will stink up the house. Do you have a grill? Grilled Romaine is easy and unusual and tasty. Cut Romaine in half, brush with olive oil, grill until just browned, sprinkle with vinegar of choice & some crunchy salt. Green beans (get skinny fresh ones) are also good because you can make ahead and serve room-temp.

        • epric002

          interesting suggestion- never heard of grilled romaine!

          • I’ve tried grilled romaine. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but mine always turns out flabby and tough. It completely loses the crunch and tenderness that makes romaine so good. I’d give it a test run before serving it to guests (fortunately romaine is cheap!).

      • Green beans are good and in season. How about steamed green beans with toasted sesame seeds? Or you could roast the green beans with olive oil, rosemary (or thyme), salt and pepper.

        • epric002

          i’m not a huge fan of sesame seeds or rosemary, but roasted with thyme sounds delish. though i’m not reconsidering whether i should turn the oven on- it heats the house up insufferably when it’s hot out…

          • True, although they usually take about ten minutes to roast. You could make the green beans the day before so you’re not cooking in your oven the day of the dinner.

  • RANT: I am so sick of people in the supermarket asking me if I want to donate to the illness of the month. I always feel like a tight wad when I say no, I want to take the time to do research and make the best decision about where to donate my money. I think the big charities loose people with these cambaigns. I wonder if they get the tax benefit for the donation?

    • epric002

      your rant is mine but for the kids (college age i think) on the streets who do it. i’m the same way- i will not donate without researching the organization first, and those kids are persistent!

      • Yeah, I think this is worse because I do feel sorry for the kids that have to do this and it’s hard to brush them off politely. I’ve had good success using body language cues to indicate they shouldn’t even waste their time approaching me. On the other hand, the grocery cashiers asking for donations probably don’t care whether you donate or not (they’re required to ask but I don’t think it reflects poorly on their job performance if no one donates).

    • Just stop feeling bad about it…we all get to choose how we spend our money and you choose to make decisions based on research. These campaigns are geared toward people who don’t. Just try to think of the other ways in which you’re contributing and don’t stress over it. Good for you for wanting to look into things before just blindly giving.

      • I second this! You never know where your money is going when you give to canvassers on the street or those supermarket “fund” things. I never give to large national organizations like the Humane Society of the United States, Green Peace, etc. When applicable, donating directly to your local chapter is a much better idea (after you do your research of course)!

      • Just say no and move on. No reason to feel guilty.

    • I hate that, it’s really sketchy. I don’t feel guilty at all for turning them down. I’m trying to buy groceries, not be their captive audience for the cause of the month they are shilling for.

    • Is the checkout cashier asking you for a donation? Or is it some random person stopping you as you shop? (If the latter, I’d imagine it’s a violation of the supermarket’s “no soliciting” rule.)

      • I think it’s when you’re about to pay and the cashier is required to say “Would you like to donate one dollar to xxx?” It’s really manipulative on the part of the grocery store. I’m guessing a lot of people feel shamed into tacking another $1 onto it, because if you’re already paying a $100 you can certainly afford to tack on another $1. But that’s not the point. Just remind yourselves that the cashier probably doesn’t like this any more than you do, and won’t judge you for not donating.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Keep forgetting to mail my netflix dvds back. Related: why doesn’t my building have an out going mail slot?
    Rave: Cheesy Canadian show I like has a new season streaming on netflix, so I don’t care too much that I forgot to mail the dvds back.

    • Get a Chromecast from Best Buy! It’s only 35$ and with it you get 3 free months of Netflix (online) with it even if you’re a current customer and there’s no mailing DVDs any more (as long as you have an HDMI slot on your TV to plug it in… DVDs are Soooooo 1994! πŸ˜›

      • Except a lot of good movies/shows on Netflix are still only available via DVD and not streaming.

      • Emmaleigh504

        1) I have an ancient but perfectly functional TV, so whatever gizmo that is won’t work, 2) like the person at 11:33 said, a lot of good shows/movies are only on disc. I”m watching Boardwalk Empire and it’s only on disc. I stream and get discs and I”m not so cheap that $21 a month is going to kill me, so I don’t need 3 free months.

    • My building doesn’t have an outgoing mail slot. I just put my mail on top of the mail boxes and the mail lady takes it. But I live in a small building where I know my neighbors won’t steal my outgoing netflix.

      And Jack 5 – I used to do Netflix streaming, but so many of the movies I wanted were only available on DVD that I switched.

      • Emmaleigh504

        We have no top to our mail boxes, they are flush with the wall πŸ™ I actually have a mailbox right outside my work building, I just have to remember the discs! (My neighbors don’t steal stuff either even tho it’s a big building by DC standards. My neighbors rock except for the ass who lives directly across from me. I hate him and his hussies.)

    • Scrillin

      Emma, tell me you’re watching Trailer Park Boys!!!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Why? And it’s Emily, sound it out, please.

        • Emmaleigh504

          That sounds mean, I meant, why should I tell you that when I intentionally didn’t say the name of the cheezy show b/c it’s cheezy. No it’s not Trailer Park Boys, but if it were, I wouldn’t say. And my name is Emily if you sound it out.

        • No offense, but the name thing is not at all obvious (says the Anonymous coward ;)).

          • Emmaleigh504

            It’s obvious to me! Besides, I’m a fan of writing out the whole damn name, or no name at all. I don’t let people in real life call me Em except a very select few, so I’m not gonna let some random on the internet get away with Emma. I also don’t let people call me Elizabeth as much as they try. Oddly, E is fine and dandy with me (we all have our little quirks).

          • Until now, I thought your first name was Emma, your middle name was Leigh, and you just smushed them together for a pun on the actual name “emily” πŸ™‚

          • Emmaleigh504

            Jerseygirl, it’s actually from1 of the silly games my friends and I played in high school. We would go down to the French Quarter and tell tourists our names were Emily spelled Emmaleigh, Lisa spelled Leighsah, and I forgot the other girl’s name. Sometimes we made up names and spelled them with as many letters as possible. We told the guys our moms were friends and came up with the spellings together. It was silly but tons of fun.

          • Don’t EVEN go there! It gets ugly quick.

          • Wow – random person on the internet isn’t “getting away” with not calling you your name (which of course no one knows except YOU). S/he made a reasonable assumption Emma Leigh (now I’m ducking before something gets thrown in my direction!)

  • Rant: Going to gay strip clubs and being surrounded by drunk “bachelorettes.”

    Rave: The weather

  • Rant: They’re turning off the Canal Park fountains tomorrow to start preparing the ice skating rink. I’m looking forward to Autumn/Winter but this is all happening a bit fast!

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: Went into work yesterday for the first time in five weeks.
    Rant: It completely wiped me out. Working from home today as a result.
    Rave: Just paid off a college loan. One more evil loan to go and then we can save for a house. Sometimes even if a job isn’t ideal or the perfect fit, the income can make up for it for a little while.

  • Rant – Lady in the elevator this morning said, “I’m actually really starting to like your hair cut. I didn’t like it at first but I’m used it now.” Ummm… thanks? I cut my long hair into a pixie a few months ago and have received some strange comments. My favorite was a coworker who said, “oh wow you actually have a really pretty face.”

    Rave – Favorite weather! Looking forward to fall and pumpkin flavored everything. I’m also stressed upcoming work trips but excited to visit new cities, including my first visit to the west coast!

    • epric002

      i’m sorry, but i’m LMAOing at the comments in your rant. some people! i’m actually planning on pixie-ing myself this fall (which i’ve done many times before) but this time i’m going to color it as well- eeek! despite the rude comments, do you love it? i cannot WAIT to chop my hair off. my husband is not as excited, oh well!

      • Yes, I love my cut!! I’ve been wanting a pixie cut for years but always chickened out. My hair is wavy/curly so I was really nervous about going short. Finally found a good stylist who was confident that I could pull it off and assured me it would look good, so I did it! I really love it. Even when my hair was long I always had it up in a ponytail and never did anything to it. Now my hair always looks styled. I feel more feminine now with short hair than I did with my long hair.

        The wide range of reactions I received from people has been pretty funny/unbelievable. Some people do not hold back when giving their opinion! But I’ve also received compliments on my hair from complete strangers on the street.

        • Would you share the name/location of your stylist? I have a short hair style (sort of pixie, but with some edginess) and have yet to find a stylist here that can get it right. My old stylist (7-hour drive away) did it as a razor cut, and no one here seems to want, or know how, to do this.

          • Kendall at Parlour Salon on U Street gave me my pixie cut. I highly recommend him, and the salon in general for fellow curly haired people. They even give you printed instructions on how to properly style and care for your curls when you leave! They are not cheap, but sometimes it’s worth it for a decent cut.

          • Oops forgot to sign in, that was me commenting above about Parlour!

          • You might want to consider doing a consultation with Dina at Aveda in Bethesda. She’s very meticulous and would easily do edgy.

          • epric002

            i highly recommend joy at zoe salon in tysons (i know). she hasn’t done my pixie yet but everything else that she’s done has been fabulous.

          • I got mine done by Nicole at Palour Salon, and she was really great (and used some razor-y thing with abandon). She’s on maternity leave right now though.

        • epric002

          glad you love it! i’ve never understood the visceral reactions to women with short hair. i always loved my pixie cuts, and like you said, would get compliments from complete strangers on it. hopefully my husband will become a convert too, b/c it needs to be back in my hairstyle rotation! enjoy!

          • I agree, I think most women would look better with shorter hair. There’s this weird cultural thing that long hair = feminine, but I agree with the woman above who said the pixie is more feminine than her ponytail was.

      • Seriously, who says things like that?!?!
        I know my boyfriend likes my hair longer but when i got a pixie earlier this summer, for several days he kept saying in a very genuine way, “I really love your new haircut.” If you like it, your husband will, too.
        My only complaint is that it is actually a lot more maintenance than longer hair. It turned out to be a horrible cut for the summer for me, I either couldn’t get my hair wet at the pool or beach or had to be willing to look like donald trump all day.

        • epric002

          πŸ™‚ i’m not too worried about it. he wasn’t stoked about me getting an angled, asymmetrical bob- and now he loves it. he wasn’t thrilled about me coloring my hair- but he thought it was fun while it lasted. it’ll take him a week or so and then he’ll be fine with it (though short and dark is going to be pretty dramatic!). my hair (fine, mostly straight) actually does really well with a pixie, with or without styling it, so i’m looking forward to less maintenance, aside from the more frequent trims.

      • My boyfriend was freaked out too before I cut my hair this spring (to the point that he even asked if I saw myself still having short hair on my wedding day, which is hilarious because we are a very long ways away from even getting engaged), and I assured him I’d grow it back again eventually. However, he really likes it now. It’s really changed the way I look and the way people respond to me, and he picks up on that. I went from being boring/forgettable blond ponytail girl to looking a lot edgier, more professional, and just more confident-looking. People tell both of us all the time how much they love my hair, and I think he secretly really enjoys that, haha.

    • Hahaha, welcome to the “weird comments about your short hair” club! My boyfriend’s mom said something similar–at the end of a long dinner she finally commented, “You know, I think I’ve decided that it does suit you after all!” His dad just said I looked like Peter Pan (who was played by a girl, so whatever, I dig it).

      However, total strangers have stopped to compliment my hair MANY times since I cut it, which had never happened once when it was long. πŸ™‚ Overall people have been much more positive about it than I expected (me included!).

  • special_k

    RAVE: This glorious weather.
    RAVE: Ledo pizza for lunch.
    RAVE: I’m so happy that the panda cub is Tian Tian’s. I realize this is ridiculous on my part, but I don’t care. I have major panda love.

    • Who other than Tian Tian could be the father? Is there backdoor panda stuff going on at the zoo?

      • special_k

        Gao Gao from San Diego ’cause he’s a stud.

      • Mama Panda was artificially inseminated, twice. Once with Tian Tian’s, erm, product, and once with that of some dude from the San Diego Zoo.

      • Exactly re artificial insemination. Apparently giant pandas are terrible at having sex at the right time…

        • I think it’s just Tian Tian who is so clueless. Apparently the other male whose sperm was used is very successful with the old fashioned method. There was a great little article about panda reproduction in a recent New Yorker, the description of Tian Tian’s mating behavior is hilarious.

  • Rave: peach pie from Whisked for breakfast.

  • What’s the best time to pick apples? Is mid-September too early?

  • Rave: Leaving early today to head to NY.
    Rant: Feeling like I can’t get enough done before I go (but still taking my popville break)!
    Rave: Once I leave the building I won’t care. I may work on the train but just getting out of the usual atmosphere will feel like sweet freedom.
    Rave: Taking a detour on the front of my trip for a man-visit…and cannot wait.

  • Rave: Early morning bike ride. I left the house around 5:30 this morning and got a really nice ride in. Now I’m full of energy and having a good day. Got into work about an hour later than I usually do, but it was worth it.

    Rant: Verizon has made FXX a subscription only channel. I couldn’t watch It’s Always Sunny last night! Hopefully it will be available free on demand. If not, it’s time to start looking into downloading new episodes.

  • Rave: got our marriage license this week! Let’s get this show on the road already.
    Rave: amazing weather this week. I’m ready for fall
    Rave: managing to be incredibly productive this week. I love crossing items off the to do list.
    Rave: house to myself tonight, which means dominance of the remote control. It doesn’t take much to make me happy these days.

  • Rave/Rant: Super sore from an excellent and challenging run last night. Walking to work started out kinda awkward because of this.
    Revel: My parents are coming down in two months! It’s been almost three years since they’ve been down to visit D.C. I’m already drooling over our food adventures and culinary delights we are to experience.
    Rant: I had to Google to see if Fiji was an actual country yesterday. Definitely not my proudest moment.
    Rave: Baked and Wired catered cupcakes for my birthday party a week ago, and I can’t stop thinking about how good they were and how I want more leftover giant cupcakes to appear again in my apartment.

  • My birthday is on Sunday and I haven’t planned anything yet (just got back from a 2.5 week vacation!).
    Last year, I did weekend afternoon drinks on top of The Reef. It was a bit more crowded than I expected for a Saturday afternoon.

    Anyone have other suggestions for a Sunday afternoon roof bar takeover? Preferably cheap drinks and a TV with the football game on. Most of my friends live in NW, so U Street/Shaw/Adams Morgan/CoHi/Dupont would be best. NO JACK ROSE.

    • Why don’t you try Clevland Park Sports Bar? They have a roof top bar w/ TVs. I would just make sure you get there early since I’m sure 1st week of NFL season will be packed.

    • Anyone check out Dacha beer garden yet? Will it be mobbed this weekend? I’m hoping that it will be a bit lower key than Standard, since it’s a bit off the beaten path. Anyone know if Dacha shows football games?

    • epric002

      red derby? not sure if the roofdeck has a TV though, and their site keeps crashing…

      • No TV on the roofdeck. DC reynolds has tvs, but only inside and not on the patio. Maybe the brixton? But that place is always packed.

  • I’m loving the song “Royals” by Lorde. It was playing everywhere when I was on vacation last week. Now I’m listening to it while reminiscing about a wonderful trip.

  • RANT: On my street and 15th (across from Meridian park) there has been a disgusting shopping cart full of trash sitting on the corner for weeks. What’s worse is that people keep adding their trash to it, and it’s attracting bugs and beginning to smell. How the heck can I get waste management to take it away forever?

  • Rave: Homemade corn and pepper chowder for lunch. The perfect end-of-summer soup.

  • Rant: House purchasing not going well – nothing on the market we like or beat out by all cash. Only 30 days left on our rent back and nothing promising.
    Rant: My project is falling apart at work, and there is nothing to do but watch the train wreck in slow motion.
    Rave: Friends are being awesome as we navigate the stressful house purchase waters. So glad they are in our lives!

    • Where do you live currently? Where are you looking?

      • We currently live in the city and want to stay! We are looking in Petworth, Capitol Hill, Brookland within the district, and Arlington and Alexandria in VA if those don’t pan out. Preferably someplace reasonably walkable and metro accessible. Oh, and reasonably priced… ha ha.

  • Rant: I’ve been trying to get Pepco to come out and cut the power so that my electrician can move my meter for 3 months now and they are just now telling me that they are going to charge me $500+ when the technician said at the beginning it would be free. Now I find out that if my contractor had called Pepco to do the heavy up, they would move the meter for free…. I AM SO ANGRY!!!

  • Rant: Going into the traditional spiral of “oh god why doesn’t he like me” – nothing since like, 2 text on tuesday, nothing in response to me asking if he wants to go to Truckeroo tomorrow…i have become accustomed to rapid response with my iphone πŸ™
    Rave: it’s supposed to be delightful outside this weekend — bring on the sweater weather!
    Rave: Office Keurig finally arrived!

    • People like that suck. At least he could have responded, “Sorry, just not feeling it” or even “Sorry, can’t make it, but thanks for the invite”.

      Or did you just invite him today and he hasn’t yet responded?

      • Just invited him this morning – but still….bah…and he seemed so nice too…..

        Granted – I could still just be freaking for no reason – guh….this is the worst.

        • what is the statute of limitations on responding to a text? i sent one to a guy on Tues afternoon making plans for Fri night, and he got back to me late on Wed (more than a day later) which I thought was totally OK, since Friday is (was) still a long ways away.

          then again, it took me 3 days to call a different guy back, and apparently he was not amused/that was too long, because he blew me off…. oh well.

          • I’m not sure for statute of limitations – I’m a huge planner, so i love getting things sorted in advance.

            But you make a good point – just my internal monologue going haywire….

            Keep talking me off the ledge guys!

        • My opinion as a guy? If you just texted him this morning then you are way overthinking it. There could be a thousand different reasons for him not responding yet.

  • bit of a rant: there’s a broken walk sign on the pedestrian-heavy corner of 15th and L where I work, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to report it. when the walk signal is on, it counts down to zero but then immediately starts again at 19. cars are always looking to turn when it hits zero, then the pedestrians get an extra 20 seconds and there is always some nearly dangerous confusion. any ideas?

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