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  • At least “jewelry” is now spelled correctly.

  • Seriously? Ugh. There are enough of these things. Why do places like this continue to get approved?

    • Interestingly, the owner’s responses to the community’s concerns (in their official response to DCRA) were very well done. I didn’t agree with them all, but it was quite professional and tore down some slightly hysterical strawman’s. The community, on the other hand, appeared to be extremely concerned but not organized in their expression of concern. The process raised questions for me on the role and nature of ANCs as a good vehicle for community concern but not always the best placed or equipped to act in official disputes.

      This is beside the question of why, given the tremendous time and effort put into the OP’s upper 14th St corridor planning, we have seen little to no activity to deliberately attract or retain community-sought businesses (or better enable current businesses). The happy little graphics in the plan definitely didn’t have Quik Cash. Not to mention my ongoing question as to whether Quik Cash will have any success.

  • Finally! No more need to run across town to peddle my stolen goods. Much better payout in the NW!

  • these things get approved because by and large they are “matter of right” in most commercial districts. Are they ideal? depends on which side of the counter you are on. My biggest concern is them dealing in stolen goods such as phones. Then again, the Manny and Olgas on GA ave in Park View was running a stolen phone operation (iphones AND mediocre pizza) so you just never know about half these businesses.

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