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  • Will you go out with me? You’re cute, well-traveled, and a reader of an excellent blog 🙂

  • She’s not in front of the Bund. She’s on the Bund. She’s in front of Pudong…

  • Almost every picture of China looks so smoggy and uninviting. No desire to go there whatsoever.

    • ah

      Unfortunately, that is how it usually looks. Shanghai is also rather humid, which doesn’t help.

    • It’s pretty terrible. I spent a year in Beijing; I basically developed a temporary case of asthma while there. You’re constantly blowing black boogers out of your nose and hacking up a lung. I had a great time there and would go back, but you’re shaving years off your lifespan by living there. Summers in Beijing are unbearable – hot hot heat, stagnant air since your a couple hundred miles from the ocean, and unbearable smog. It’s only gotten worse since I was there (2009).

  • I love your hair! It almost makes me want to cut mine shorter. I’m reading A History of Future Cities by Daniel Brook, and it tells the story of how Shanghai was born and evolved into what it is today. It’s a fascinating history of a city I didn’t know much about until now, and I hope to see it in person someday. Nice to see it featured here!

  • I am not sure where people get that PoP traveler has “curly” hair!!! – at most she has WAVY hair!!! She is still very cute but with wavy hair.

    • I think she has wavy-curly (hair type 2B or 2C) which can be quite straight at the crown depending on how it’s cut/styled.

    • Apparently curly vs. wavy is in the eye of the beholder.
      Sheesh… of all of the things people on PoPville get possessive/upset about, I didn’t anticipate anyone being bothered about someone else’s hair supposedly not being curly enough to be called “curly.”

      • My hair ranges from tight ringlets to loose waves depending on the weather, how recently I washed it, the time of day I washed it, when it was last cut, how long it is, what products I used on it, and whether it was pulled back at any point since I last washed it. If her hair can naturally hold a shape like that without any extreme styling it probably falls somewhere on the curly spectrum. 🙂

    • Having lived in SE Asia for a few years, I can attest that humidity can most definitely add a lot of volume to people’s hair.

  • in front of pudong

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