Popping Up (new construction) on H Street


“Dear PoPville,

Looks like H St is getting its own version of the V St pop-up. This is the building that had its top two floors blown over last year during a big storm in September. Address is 335 H St NE.”

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  • I imagine that the V Street pop-up is really a cyclops transformer hiding until it’s ready to bring destruction to the District. And right now it’s reading PoPville, thinking to itself “Pfft! Amateur.”

  • Not even remotely close.

    • Agreed. At least this is on a busy, commercial strip.
      A more appropriate comparison would be if someone crammed this in between a nice set of small two-story rowhouses (like you see on the east side of 8th NE, just north of H)

      • I own (and live on that block). Don’t worry, pop-ups are coming soon there! I and several neighbors are actively discussing it right now. Not too mention there are at least seven popups under construction right now within 3 blocks either way. I love it!

    • Agreed. I have absolutely no problem with this, given that it looks decent when finished.

  • Hard to tell what it will look like when finished. Could look real cheap or could turn out pretty nice.

    But, I think 4-6 stories is a pretty ideal base height for H Street. The 2 story buildings are underwhelming on such a wide street. Sort of a reminisce from the “City of Magnificent Intentions” days. We have the wide streets of a grand European city, but the built density of a midsized city like Richmond. We are finally filling in with the more properly scaled buildings befitting a world capital. All in all, pretty exciting times as we watch this city finally come into its own.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Bigger, taller, huger or don’t bother!

  • Was actually hoping that one developer could buy those four properties and build a development that matches the 360 H development across the street from it. There’s a huge open field that takes up most of the southern side of the 300 block of H and I always imagined the hold-up in developing it was acquiring those remaining four properties (only one of which appears to be non-vacant, an infant day care).

  • there were numerous stop work orders posted on that building last summer.

  • It is one story taller than its adjoining neighbor – so its a very far cry from the V Street pop-up.
    If people want the rent to go down – the buildings got to go up.
    The animosity towards increasing rent (including the high-control act) is a factor in why DC has high rents.

  • Nothing like V Street. This is only one story taller than the building next door, and across the street is a big condo development.

  • The building next door with the yellow awning needs some major repairs after the damage from last year’s storm. It has broken windows and occasional brick falling off (note the orange cones on 4th street to keep pedestrians back). I can’t imagine this pop-up will sell many of the units until the neighbors clean up their act, and don’t get me started on the sad excuse for the daycare on the other side; they’ve had a rat problem for awhile. Why can’t we have decent and affordable day care options in this country (rant)?!

    • The damage to the yellow-awning building is not just generic “storm” damage… it’s from a previous version of this pop-up falling directly onto it during the storm. Unless 335 H sold to a new developer, I expect this new construction is just as badly done as before.

  • justinbc

    As long as they don’t go all Da Luft on it and paint another Cosby sweater I have no objections. I’m curious what will fill it though, since it’s not residential.

  • It’s one story taller than its western neighbor, but two stories taller than its eastern neighbor. Would probably blend better if there was some consistency. Maybe a really nice mural facing east would correct the discontinuity.

  • I’m just waiting to see if this version will stand longer than a few months!

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