Pizza Coming Back to 634 Florida Ave, NW


Back in May we learned that Italy Pizza had closed at 634 Florida Ave, NW just east of 7th St/Georgia and near the Howard Theatre. Some may have noticed the front was painted – I finally was able to talk to some workers at the space and they tell me it will become pizza again in a few weeks. Not sure of the name or who exactly the owners will be but I’ll be sure to update with more info including the menu when they open. I hope the pizza is as good as the slices used to be at Italy Pizza. Stay tuned.


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  • losing italy pizza dc was a terrible tragedy. lets hope this one is even remotely comparable.

  • Great….more pizza.

  • Oh how I mourn the loss of Italy Pizza. I dream of getting a pie and enjoying it at Dacha.

  • Are ya’ll serious? You liked that pizza? If ya’ll don’t live near it, then please don’t vote. 1) we dont need another pizza place, there are currently 6 in a 10 block radial from there, 2), if more pizza, then we really need GOOD pizza, like Ettas or 2 amy’s, or even like menomecale in Brookland. Real pizza, not horrible, cheap, fast pizza. Seriously, you can walk 3 blocks in a couple of directions and get the cheap, canned stuff. Bring on the awesome, in-house made ingredients, local sausage and organic veggies and real wood pizza oven,,,only IFFFF you are going to bring in yet more pizza to the pizza saturaated zone.

    • This was not just your ordinary takeout. They were priced like the competition, but had toppings like roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes, feta, basil, etc., and the quality was above par. It wasn’t wood oven, but the crust was good, too.

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