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  • Fun event and a great crowd. I really wished more vendors took debit/credit cards though. I know it’s only for food, but there are so few ATMs down there, it’d be great to have the option to pay without making a 10 block detour.

  • This is always a great event. I’m always struck by how nicely many young Latin-American couples dance together, it’s really charming. That seems to be lost art among the gringos.

  • I went to the book fair and was happy to stumble upon this as well – a really fun, easy atmosphere. But I’m curious why the photographer chose to submit that photo of the women at the food stand. Out of potentially hundreds of easy vendor photos? It is so unflattering to that poor woman – in an almost cruel way – and I can’t see anything editorial about it.

    • What, only slender women are worthy of being photographed now?

    • I also don’t get what your problem is with that photo. I would even say it’s presumptuous of you to say that it’s an unflattering picture of someone you don’t even know (or do you?) I doubt it’s going to win any awards and you could definitely argue that it don’t exactly capture the “fiesta spirit” but I don’t see anything wrong with that photo.

      • Yeah, weird comment. I personally like the mix of performance and behind-the-scenes pictures. Fiesta DC is about the food just as much as it’s about the dancing.

    • Victoria– I don’t post pictures of people that I consider unflattering, so I’m surprised and saddened by your comment. Are you talking about the woman in the foreground or the one in the back? Both are in 3/4 profile, a universally flattering position, as is the hand on the waist. They look dignified to me. Both women broke into warm smiles after I took the picture so I don’t think they had a problem with it.

      I like this picture because there’s a lot of rich colors and patterns and objects at differing depths. Because one of the women is standing outside the stand, and the other inside, the eye is drawn deeper into the scene. If she were behind the table the picture would have been flat and less interesting and I wouldn’t have posted it. Presumably these are some of the reasons PoP chose it.

  • It was a great (and sunny) day in Downtown!
    I just regret that the parade is now on the huge Constitution Avenue. It is more comfortable, but much less intimate than when it was in Mount Pleasant, or even last year when they when through the crowd on penn Avenue last year.
    Anyway, it is still a beautiful event, and the food (Carne a la Llanera!) is always yummy!

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