Petco Now Open in Columbia Heights

Hiatt and Irving St, NW

A few weeks ago we heard about Petco’s grand opening on Sat. Sept. 7th in DC USA. Thanks to a reader for sending word that they officially opened at 9am today – grand opening with a ribbon cutting is still Saturday morning but you can get your fish food before then if you need to!

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  • hispanicandproud

    Dusty can’t wait.

  • I know this will likely bring up talk of how CH is turning into a suburban mall, but I am happy for a PETCO in the neighborhood.

  • I recall a particularly silly (as opposed to typically silly) ANC meeting were some commissioners voiced the concerns of longtime residents that the place would carry “dangerous reptiles,” and poisonous insects (whereupon another commissioner asked that turtles be excluded as dangerous reptiles, and yet another wanted spiders and scorpions to be included as poisonous insects, even though they are not insects). There were reservations that Petco would engage in “dog walking” and other dog babysitting, boarding or veterinary practices–especially of “big dogs.” No mention of cats.

    My fish are happy I no longer have to roll up Kenyon to Connecticut Avenue, though I wish we still had small retail in this city. Such is the world the sillier elected government–the council and mayor–have give the developers…

    Too much democracy is sometimes as scary as too little. LOL

  • Looking forward to it.

    Any word on that small pet store opening on Georgia Avenue next to Epiphany BBQ….I’m blanking on the name….

  • I am so glad this opened. I have a senior dog that needs the special food which the grocery store and target does not carry. So happy about this !

  • Related but unrelated — Does anyone know of a reliable, caring, friendly, noon time dog walker in the Penn Quarter? I just rescued a loving and sweet 1 year old beautiful little girl and now I need a walker.


  • Hope this doesn’t put the small pet supply store on 11th Street under. Nice people there.

    • Agreed. Claws and Paws is the best–really nice owner and staff and reasonably priced. I have no problem with Petco, but I hope our neighborhood continues to support the local business.

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