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  • How can we request additional camera locations?

  • So confused as to why there is always a ‘heads up’, from the media, on new traffic enforcement cameras or even traffic enforcement zones with actual police on foot or in car. Simply don’t break traffic laws and you wouldn’t have to worry about this.

    • So that people don’t get hosed by unnecessary revenue machines.

      • Scrillin

        I agree – I think it’s ridiculous to have to stop at these signs. Last time I checked, this is America, and I’d rather take my chances. If I hit you, then you can just sue me. Easy-peasey!

        • ‘Merica!!

        • Walker, DC Ranger, as someone who has almost been 3 different times at that intersection, I find your ill-considered comment (even if it was intended to be sarcastic) anything but amusing. In every instance the driver clearly wasn’t paying attention at the intersection, so if it takes a stop sign camera to get their attention, so be it.

    • Because the goal is to get people to stop running stop signs and lights and to slow down. If people know they’ll get fined, they’ll follow the laws more.

  • maybe somebody will spray paint this one too.

    • Was just about to ask about that

      what if the people fought back and began covering all of these cameras they are putting everywhere

      im all for save driving etc
      but these cameras are getting out of hand . quick
      esp with the crosswalk ones. again im all for the enforcement but cameras and tickets from these cameras arent the way imo
      how can a camera determine the reasining for someone being stuck in a box

      • If you drive into a crosswalk when there isn’t enough room for you to clear the intersection then you’ve broken the law, so I’m not sure what reasoning you’d use to get out of it. No one made you get “stuck” in the box. The only exception I can think of is if there’s an emergency vehicle crossing the intersection that causes traffic to get messed up for a bit. And if that’s the case the camera will have caught the emergency vehicle itself.

        • There are so many exceptions that it’s impossible to calculate them all. Your rational is horribly simplistic. These machines do not promote safety but revenue.

          • Scrillin


            You’re using other big words in a context they don’t belong in to try and sound smart enough to end debate. That is not an effective strategy in DC.

            There are no “exceptions” to “calculate”. Do not run a red light. Do not speed more than 11 mph over the limit. DO NOT ENTER THE INTERSECTION (which includes the crosswalk) WHEN THERE IS NO ROOM TO CLEAR IT.

            It’s just. So. Simple! Heck, even robots can do it.

          • Actually Walker, as a driver who hates when people block the box, because it contributes an endless cycle of snarled traffic, and also is just generally rude, i do sometimes find myself accidentally blocking the box, because traffic is moving at a nice clip right up until the point that the truck in front of me slams on its brakes in the middle of the box.

          • & thats my thing
            i believe these are there simply for the profit they produce

      • Then you would be vandalizing, and I can only hope they were prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

        The democratically elected representatives in DC are in favor of these, so it is the will of the people. Surveys consistently show this.

        Politicians routinely run on an anti-speed camera platform, and they are not elected.

  • Are they going to capture bicycles that don’t stop at stop signs?

  • would love one of these at 2nd and elm NW, a stop sign that 75% of motorists just drive through without slowing down.

  • would like to hear how these are doing. there is on by the school at Kansas Ave & Buchanan (just south of Sherman Circle). Wonder how may violations per hour is it documenting.

  • It would be great if they would install something like this at the crosswalk at Georgia Avenue and Lamont St. No, there’s no stop sign, but it’s almost impossible to cross on that crosswalk. Most cars just zoom through and don’t stop, despite the large signs warning them to stop for pedestrians. I’ve seen disable/elderly people/children nearly mowed down. I also saw one pedestrian assert his right of way in the cross walk and cause a car accident!

    • “I also saw one pedestrian assert his right of way in the cross walk and cause a car accident!”

      Actually, the drivers who didn’t stop for him, as required by law, caused the car accident.

      • Scrillin

        I’ve started call them “driver errors” because there’s usually nothing accidental about them, and the cars ain’t driving themselves (yet).

    • You can thank the Myrland drivers

  • I give it 2 weeks before someone paints the lense or knocks it over.

  • What’s to prevent someone from tipping this thing over, putting stickers on the glass or otherwise disabling it? Putting at ground level seems like an invitation for this type of vandalism.

  • So how do these work? How long do you have to stop to not get a ticket?

  • Dumb question- but can someone explain how a stop sign camera works? I get the stop light & speeding cameras, but this makes no sense. Thanks In advance.

    • Scrillin

      It senses the weight of the vehicle. If the vehicle does not stop, then that’s a paddlin’.

    • I know for sure all camera violations get reviewed by a human before being mailed out. With this one, they’ll review the video to confirm that you did not make a complete stop at the stop sign. They would likely make likely a small video clip of that infraction, post it on the web on a private URL and send you the video link in the ticket they mail to you to make it difficult for you to dispute. It’ll be hard to argue against a full motion video clip of you failing to fully stop.

  • How much is a stop sign ticket? California rollin’ for decades.

  • For laughs: perhaps it is the bikers who will block the camera’s views of the license plates, hence saving the drivers who just loath that the cyclists don’t come to full, feet-on-the-ground stops, so they can maintain momentum (dividing the “rule” of the roads between jay-walking pedex and easy-to-gain-momentum autos).

    Seriously, these machines are needed to protect pedex in crosswalks where there are no stop signs. The limited camera resource should not be wasted on four-way stops.

  • I saw one being installed on P St at 6th or 7th for eastbound traffic

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