New Safeway Rising in Petworth

3830 Georgia Avenue, NW

Awesome to see the new Safeway start to rise on Georgia Ave. Soon it’ll be:

“Once completed, the new 62,000 square-foot facility will be the third largest Safeway in the city and replace the current store, which was built in 1963 and measures 21,250 square feet. The project will feature a full-service Safeway at street level with below grade parking on the first level solely for Safeway shoppers and the second level dedicated exclusively for the building’s residents.”


A reminder from 2010:


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  • much heralded development for the area! but is anyone else vaguely nostalgic for the 60’s-era facade?

  • binpetworth

    I continue to be excited about this, if only for the fact that I never have to schlep to the crappy CH Giant again. Anyone know the projected opening date?

  • Not that it matters, but I would have guessed the builder would have framed in steel.

    • Why would you have assumed it? Building code allows stick built framin up to 5 stories, and with the price differential between lumber, and the steel / concrete alternative, this probably saved them a few million dollars.

      • That was my first impression as well. Such a large building with a large commercial component and it is made out of soft wood lumber.

        I’m starting to feel blessed for having 36 inch thick brick walls at my home.

    • I too was hoping for concrete construction, but I guess i wasn’t surprised by the stick build. Concrete is just a better build, fire safety, noise suppression, and ultimately I think the rentals could command a higher price. Are the units above the Yes Organic market stick built?

      • jim_ed

        Simple supply and demand. People would move in to apartments made out of cardboard and popsicle sticks in a metro accessible location in a hot neighborhood if it was allowed by building codes, and they’d still likely command $2000/month for a 1-BR.

        Thats just how we roll in Boomtown.

  • This is truly a game changer for the area. More foot traffic. More residents. More consumers.

    I hope this leads to an increase in restaurants and other retails stores. Chez Billy alone, located directly across the street, should see a huge increase if not only from residents that live above the Safeway. I think there are two other condo projects within the block currently in the initial phases too.

    There will be a Starbucks too, correct?

  • So many large buildings are using this method of construction all of a sudden with wood framing on a concrete base. I’d be hesitant to buy or rent in a building like this because if a neighbor has a fire issue the whole place would go up like a box of matches, and after a few years the floors will be creaky and too flexible. DC needs to require more permanent construction methods on large buildings of this kind in my opinion.

    • these structures are sprinklered and therefore unlikely to ‘go up like a box of matches’

      • Then the next issue is that structural integrity won’t bee good for wood framing after being soaked with water from sprinkler systems leading to a total loss if a fire event happens. Construction like this is sketchy because after it’s covered, buyers can’t tell that their building is wood framed or not. Something more permanent should be required if the structure goes beyond 2 floors. or 5,000 square feet. This kind of reminds me of that 5 story rowhouse conversion that everyone keeps ranting about. Thank goodness that at least the ground floor is reinforced though.

      • Yes. After surviving an apartment fire (Harvard Hall) a few years ago, the DC fire chief told us that the only thing we should petition for that would make our building safer in a fire is a well-maintained building-wide sprinkler system.

  • burritosinstereo

    Is this one going to have a dry cleaners inside of it like the one on K St?!

    • I hope a dry cleaners will be coming if for no other reason than to drive out the incompetent/rude/unprofessional owner of Petworth Cleaners across the street.

      • I assume you mean across Randolph, farther up on Georgia Ave . . . there is also a new cleaners right across Georgia Ave that is run by about the sweetest person I’ve met. Check ’em out.

        • No I was referring to the cleaners “right across Georgia Ave” underneath the clothing store. If youre referring to the older Asian woman thats behind the counter there then you must have met some real a-holes in your life.

  • To Binpetworth…I feel ya, let’s hope this doesn’t become “the crappy safeway in Petworth”

  • While the new Safeway is being built you can get free grocery delivery by using the code SHOPATHOME. Only problem is the last two times I ordered half the items I ordered were out of stock. Anyone else had this problem? They are supposedly renovating the place where they get your groceries, but I haven’t ordered in a month because I can’t find a way to figure out when the work is done and they will have normal stock again. I really appreciated the delivery as I’m at home with a newborn…trying to keep a little bit of faith in Safeway, but this is seriously annoying.

    • orderedchaos

      I’ve had much better luck with Peapod — usually the order is delivered with all items included; occasionally one or two times (out of 50+) are out of stock. I’m guessing Peapod has been in the delivery game longer and their warehouse(s) are better-stocked.

    • Safeway delivery can be really hit or miss. I’ve definitely had problems with not receiving what I ordered due to stocking issues. It makes no sense-if you don’t have it, then don’t advertise it or go through the motions of selling it. There have also been issues with delivery windows. Their service is subpar so I haven’t used it in a while.

    • binpetworth

      Yes. It never fails that when I use the delivery service, they are missing an item essential to a recipe I wanted to make. But their drivers are super nice.

  • Big snoozefest on the façade design.

  • Is this still on schedule and if so, when should we expect it to be ready for business? Also, why is Park Place (retail/restaurant space) still empty?

  • “…the second level dedicated exclusively for the building’s residents”


    • I believe that is the second level of parking that is dedicated to tenant parking, not the second level of the store.

      • That is correct. One level of parking is for the store, and another level of parking is for the residents. They have separate entrances, and the residential one will have extra things, like chargers for electric cars.

  • My understanding is that it opens in summer 2014. Anyone have confirmation?

  • I’m curious to see whether the new Petworth Safeway will still be a Singing Safeway, with the highest concentration I’ve ever seen of patrons singing along to the music playing as they push their shopping carts through the aisles.

  • Isn’t it interesting that at one point in time when the 1960’s version was being built, people were probably heralding the design as cutting-edge and modern. It’s so cool to me how tastes change over time.

  • Another POS cheap-o wood apartment building. I’m guessing that by 2030 the DC code will allow for corrugated metal and plastic tarp buildings up to 5 stories.

  • Is anyone else tired of curbside construction?

    • tired of curbside construction? Move to the suburbs! Its not the ritz carlton where they can afford to waste precious sq footage on gardens and private driveways…

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