New Coffee Shop (and Cocktails) “with a focus on elevated service” Coming to Logan Circle

1333 14th Street, NW

Well this could be awesome. Owners, Ryan Fleming and Miranda Mirabella, share a few details about the new shop in an email:

“Located in the Fathom Creative building at 1333 14th Street NW

– Innovative new coffee shop with a focus on elevated service
– Plan to complement coffee with cocktail offering in the evening based on the same service-focused approach
– Active community involvement and charity will be core to the business

The Shop will be located in the front of the street-level floor and Fathom will remain in the rear.”

If all goes well they plan on opening in early 2014. Stay tuned for more info in the next few weeks. The shop will be located between Churchkey/Birch&Barley and Monarch Novelties just south of Rhode Island Ave:


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  • “Innovative new coffee shop with a focus on elevated service”

    Sounds like a line from the website Stuff White People Like

    • Speak for yourself, and do you dare say what the “Stuff Black People Like” is? Probably not.

      • dude, come on.

      • Maybe he/she wasn’t PC about it, but I agree with the sentiment that this sounds amazingly pretentious and is just one big stupid reason to pay too much money for something that probably isn’t worth it. It’s the domain of those with privledge, which few of us have in this increasingly bi-forcated economic society we live in.

        • Word. I have 5 friends who own property on the 14th Street corridor. In all 5 cases, their parents bought them the property. They might as well just call it The Children of Privilege Avenue.

          • Scrillin

            Hell, I know of some of the Children of Privilege you’re talking about, and even they’re starting to get priced out of 14th Street. Kinda alarming trend, if you ask me. How long until this wave of ultra-gentrification moves up to Upper Columbia Heights, 16th Street Heights, Petworth, Crestwood, Brookland, and even Brightwood Park and Ft. Totten?

            In other words, this place is starting to look suspiciously like Manhattan. Which I guess would make Arlington either Hoboken or Inner Brooklyn?

      • Stoning marsupials to death on H Street. Oh and crack.

    • i found the comment to be funny and true. lighten up. all of the new 14th st could be on that website.

      • +1

        Chill out, folks.

      • so because you don’t mind the name redskins, does that mean we shouldn’t change it even though the NCAI is against it? just because most white people enjoy a state of privilege in this country doesn’t mean we should tolerate stupidity.

        • Most white people in this country do not enjoy a state of privilege. Most people in this country who enjoy a state of privilege are white. It might seem semantics, but the difference is in fact huge.

          • Seriously. As Chris Rock said most white people in the U.S. are on welfare, living in trailers, f#cking their sister, eating unhealthy food straight out of the box, all while watching Seinfeld re-runs. The fact that the vast majority of the elite is white does not negate the fact that most white people in America have a sh#tty life, no health insurance, and barely make ends meet.

          • Yet, they still have the privilege of most people in this country believing black and brown people are the majority on welfare and in prison.

  • agree, could be awesome, but what’s an example of “elevated service” when drinking coffee? I already think the pour over trend is pushing the limits of people’s patience (i.e. it literally takes longer to get a cup of the good stuff). But, perhaps I’m being unfair and the “elevated service” is more on cocktail side of things. either way, i wish them success!

    • nothing “innovative to see here”

      i wish places would just be honest.
      we have coffee. we have booze.
      words like “innovative” without showing us innovation just sound lame.

      that said i love booze and i love coffee. thats all i really need.

      • But you can’t charge $8 for coffee if all you have is “we have coffee”. You gotta play up to the desires of the privileged, ya know?

  • justinbc

    Personally I prefer my coffee served with unwavering condescension, which I can get just up the street at Peregrine.

    • omg, JUSTIN, so it’s not just me. Great espresso, but I can’t stand the high maintenance baristas. Just because you can make a design in the foam does not make you special.

      • justinbc

        It’s a shame because I always loved the Eastern Market location, but the 14th St one annoyed me every single time I set foot in it. The demeanor of the employees is entirely different.

        • it’s also really tight – hard to get around.
          I order decaf now (pregant) and they look at me like I have 4 heads.
          I feel like I have to apologize!

  • This makes me want to barf — a focus on elevated service — if that the line Fathom Creative created for them, they better go back to the drawing board. I get enough attitude from the “genius” baristas at Coffee Bar and Peregrine to make me brew myself — any more elevated nonsense and I’ll scream — IT’s COFFEE PEOPLE.

    • will you admit that might just be your perception of attitude from these places? I’ve always had pleasant folks get me my coffee at both of these locations.

      • No, the attitude is clearly evident. Once I said my cappucino was cold (with a new barista) and he said “you want me to heat it up?” He then dumped it in a steaming pitcher, juiced it with some steam and voila, no evidence it was ever a capp and it was so hot the milk proteins cooked. Haven’t been back since.

        • i’m sure there are places better suited for you.

          • Oh, so you’re one of those pretentious baristas!

          • bigdaddy,
            no. haven’t been a barista in over 20 years.
            i just think you should go to places that will satisfy your discriminating tastes and will tolerate your attitude.
            but if i was a current barrista, i would probably throw shade your way just to amuse myself and make your attitude easier to swallow. working on your feet dealing with customers all day is hard work.
            this was a post about a coffee shop and you used it to bitch about people at another coffee shop. maybe you’re just having a bad day, but i think it speaks of larger issues you face.

  • Sounds expensive.

  • The front window is a great, underused space so this could be really cool. The building goes back a long way. On the ground floor is Fathom Creative, an interactive agency, while upstairs is Fathom Gallery, which does meetups and arts events. I think the owner lives on the third floor. And just six years ago the building was an auto repair shop!

  • I foresee elevated prices.

  • I don’t know what Fathom Creative is, but it looks like they keep getting priced out of their neighborhoods. Just a few years ago, they were in Dupont Circle on Connecticut Avenue.

    • That doesn’t seem like the case to me because they were in a pretty run-down building in dupont. I imagine their new space is much more expensive than where they previously were. It seems like they got all excited about the big, new space on 14th and are trying to make it “work” for them because they must pay a lot in rent. Whenever I walk by I’m always amazed that a design firm could just sit on that much unused retail.

  • Sheesh everyone is so grumpy on here today. There are already a million places to get a cup of coffee with ambivalent or just plain bad service in this city (literally every Starbucks downtown). So this sounds more like a sit-down place where you can relax and enjoy a nice coffee or boozey beverage rather than rush in to grab a cup of joe on the way to work. Just a different model, and I think it sounds like a nice place to bring a book. If you don’t like it, don’t go. And to those complaining of high prices…if you have been paying attention to the flurry of bar and restaurant openings on 14th you’ll realize this type of establishment will fit right in.

    • Scrillin

      Something tells me they ain’t gonna like having bookworms sitting around all day… This place sounds like it wants to be The Gibson but for coffee.

  • Can we please all agree not to use the word “Barista” anymore!

  • If it’s too elevated, there’s always Caribou across the street.

  • More overpriced crap. just what the neighborhood needs.

  • Seriously, what is “elevated service” supposed to be? Is that some restaurant industry term, like “fast-casual”?

  • I’m excited! Guess I’m pretentious though….

  • Fathom must really be hurting for money. I can’t imagine working in the studio in a quiet office environment with a coffee shop a few steps away. How will this affect their clients? They must really only care about the $$$.

    • Agreed. I know someone who used to work there. Looks like they make their money mostly through the gallery space…and now this.

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