New Coffee Shop Coming to Logan Circle Applies for Liquor License, Hoping to Have a Roof Deck Summer Garden

1333 14th Street, NW

Last week we learned a a new coffee shop (with cocktails) was coming to Logan Circle. They’ve now applied for a liquor license and it reveals an interesting detail – Roof deck summer garden:

“New Tavern. Pastry shop/coffee house serving small plates. Sidewalk Café and Roof deck Summer Garden. Occupancy load is 160.”

Hours will be Sunday through Saturday 7 am – 2 am.


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  • justinbc

    I truly do not mean this in a snarky way, but what sort of service can someone pouring coffee for me really provide that’s any different from a chain coffeeshop, aside from making cute art in the latte milk?

  • Is this an interior design place?

  • andy

    I want a coffeeshop with special outlets that drain battery laptops rather than charge them. Hey, can somebody help me patent that?

  • Drew and Bill are top notch dudes and well known in the hood. Good on you, mates!

  • I assume they’ll be using the deck off of the back of the second floor for the roof garden. I’ve been there for events several times and it is sweet! These guys did a great job converting this place from a garage to a workspace/gallery/roof deck/apartment (they live on the top floor) – it’s great that more people will be able to enjoy it.

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