New Bakery Coming to 17th and U Street, NW

1926 17th Street, NW

An awesome transformation is coming to the former Written Word space at 1926 17th St, NW just south of U Street not far from the Hana Japanese Market. I chatted with the owner yesterday who says the spot will be called Bakery 350 and if all goes well should open in early November. Updates as they get closer to opening.

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  • A new bakery?!?! Hooray! Can’t wait to try it out!

  • Any idea what kind of bakery?

  • This location is cursed. I lived 3 door down from in a row house – nothing manages to survive there. It’s an incredibly quiet, residential block.

    I’m actually surprised that they can open a commercial bakery here. It’s all residences surrounding it. Are the good baked off-site? That would make more sense.

    • I hope the location isn’t cursed 🙂 I know that there was a successful Chinese restaurant here many years ago and then the Written Press. Neither closed for lack of business from what I’m told. You nearly had a dry cleaner come in… hopefully we can win you over. It is a small kitchen, but we are baking everything onsite, unless we outgrow the kitchen.

  • Yeah – bakery as in cupcakes? or bakery as in baguettes and boules?

    I would definitely prefer the latter over the former.

    • There are lots of distinct possibilities– French bakery, Italian bakery, Asian bakery, Austrian bakery, Amish bakery, etc. Or it could be a cupcake place, a macaron place, a grainy-bread-and-sandwiches place. I hope it’s one of the first possibilities and they do it well.

      • Didn’t see the name of the bakery in the actual post – duh.

        Bakery 350 offers baked desserts and pastries (including tasty gluten-free and sugar-free treats), that’s baked with love – daily and in-house – at the perfect baking temperature of 350 degrees.

        So, still no place to get a good olive loaf in the neighborhood.

        • One mile up the road, Le Caprice DC on 14th Street. Their olive bread (which should really be called rosemary-olive) is my hands-down favorite.

  • @Anonymous,
    Instead of being a negative neighbor on YOUR OWN STREET why don’t you embrace the change and support a local business? And the fact that you think 17th and U is a “incredibly quiet block” shows how much of an idiot you are. With that being said, I will digress because clearly you have no idea what you are speaking of.

    • Huh? Did you forget your meds today? No need for the name calling.

      The intersection of 17th and U itself is loud (HELLO FIRE AND POLICE STATION), but this stretch of 17th between U and T is pretty quiet, as is Willard. I lived here for 3 years and now live further down U Street.

      I’m totally cool with a local business succeeding, but this location is weird and doesn’t get a ton of foot traffic. Thus, they really need to differentiate themselves and offer a great product that people will come out of their way to get. It’s a tough location. Also, the area is very residential, so I’m surprised to see a commercial bakery open in this location (if, in fact, that’s what’s happening).

    • Wow, that was uncalled for! I live near that block as well, and it is definitely off the beaten path as far as people who visit U street. It’s not being a negative neighbor to point out what kind of business our neighborhood could use. Nobody has to support a business that doesn’t offer what they want. I certainly am not going to run over there for cakes that I can’t eat. I would go over there for bread that I could eat.

  • “Bakery 350 located in Washington DC bakes customized cakes, cupcakes and cookies.” Best of luck to them, but these are things I can get pretty much anywhere. I wish the neighborhood would get an honest to goodness bakery – like marvelous market, but actually baked on site and fresh. Any recommendations?

    • For excellent baguettes and croissants (as well as amazing tarts, cakes and handmade chocolates), try L’ocolat at 18th and Florida. (Niels Piferoen, the owner, is a pastry chef.) The demi-baguettes are baked daily and usually sell out before lunch.

      • I totally agree. Lived on 16th between T and U for 5 years and fell head over heals in love with L’ocolat! This place is the real deal! Go early and go often-the only way to beat the crowds and sell out of daily fresh everything!

    • Agreed, we need a place to get good bread in the neighborhood.

      • @ Kathryn-DC, Please at least come in and see us once we open. I’d love to meet you and get your requests. I know that we won’t be able to offer everything, but hopefully we’ll have something that becomes your favorite. We will serve a great coffee also!

  • Bakery 350 will start out as primarily a ‘sweet’ bakery. We are not a cupcake bakery. We will offer some gluten-free, vegan and non-dairy options, but most will be regular sweets(cookies, decorated cookies, cakes, bars, pies, etc.). I hope to grow and offer savory items, including baked breads. The bakery has a fairly small kitchen, so until we open, we won’t know if we’ll have the capacity for breads…but we hope so. We will have a full coffee bar(drip coffee and espresso drinks). The bakery has a lot of character and will be very warm and inviting.

    We plan on opening early morning(6 or 6:30), so the early birds can get coffee and sweets. Eventually we see the bakery offering wine and small plate appetizers in the afternoons.

    Please give us a try. We will try to cater to your requests, just have patience with us as we grow. We are off the beaten path, a little more quiet and relaxing than being on the main strip.

    We don’t have the specific open date, but are shooting for November. The Prince of Petworth will keep you posted.

    • Welcome to the neighborhood! It will be fantastic to have a bakery of any sort, and good coffee. Look forward to visiting once you’re open.

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