MPD Warns of Taser Robberies


From MPD:

“Over the past three days there have been three robberies along N Street, between 9th Street and 13th Street, NW. In all three robberies the suspects were armed with a Taser and the victims were hispanic.

The suspects in all three cases are described as two or more black males. In one of the robberies the suspects fled the area in a gray colored vehicle.

Anyone with information related to these robberies is asked to contact MPD at 202 727-9099.”

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  • Holy crap, I live right there and heard about none of this. Any word if the victims were restaurant workers (with a ton of new places around) or local residents? If late night employees are being targeted, it might be time to alert the businesses and the Washington Restaurant Association like they did back when the Dupont mugging/murders happened in 2006.

    • 2 incidents happened on Monday between 2pm and 5pm (in other words: broad daylight), and 1 incident happened on Tuesday morning around 5am.

  • yikes, I live a few blocks from there, too – I’m regularly around there. Any idea what time of day? Random targets? There are never police patrols around there, but yikes.

  • Aren’t there security cameras all over 13th and N? Seriously, cops need to get these guys in prison, pronto.

  • Interesting. Last night I was walking North on the West side of 14th street from Columbia Road and heard the sound of a taser going off repeatedly in front of building across the street [next to CVS]. 3-4 people laughing and listening to the sound. The did not look to be older than their 20s. Could be related or not. Could be the sound of something else or not, just thought it was an interesting coincidence.

  • Are taser attacks considered to be assault with deadly weapon?

  • One of the attacks took place Tuesday morning (around 5:30am) on N between 9th and 10th (right near Table from what I understand). That would indicate hitting someone going to work rather than coming home.

  • I didn’t get the text alerts about any of these…

  • better a taser than a baseball bat

  • This blows because I recently discovered that walking N street home from work is faster. Guess I’ll be sticking to Mass Ave.

    Supposedly the police are setting up undercover sting operations to catch them, but we’ll see.

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