Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Logan Circle

1332 Vermont Avenue Northwest

This rental is located at 1332 Vermont Avenue, Northwest:


The listing says:

“Lovely one bedroom apartment in first block off Logan Circle in an historic Logan Circle townhouse with high ceilings, great light. Overlooks trees. Available now. The kitchen has been updated with gas stove, dishwasher, full sized refrigerator, microwave. This home is an easy stroll to the Metro at 14th and I Streets NW. Two decorative fireplace mantels. 3 closets. Laundry in basement.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,700/Mo.

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  • Good deal!

  • Good deal! It’s probably gone already.

  • Screaming good deal. Makes me wonder what the catch is!

    • The owner is in some far away country – if you want to rent then deposit money in his/her bank account and you will be mailed the keys : )

      • Someone should try emailing to see what the story is. 90% chance you’ll get the standard scam artist response.

  • That is a red-flag good deal!!

  • Good deal, but not a good enough deal to be suspicious. Might just be a picky landlord who wants to have lots of tenant options.

  • That’s way too cheap for that neighborhood.

  • Something’s gotta be wrong with it.

  • $1k more a month and it would still be a fair deal. there has to be a catch.

  • No bedroom pics? I’d bet it’s actually a studio.

    • There’s one pic near the end (after the endless string of closet pics) that looks like a tiny bedroom. For a non-basement studio in this location, price is a deal. For a 1bedroom (even a tiny bedroom), it is a really, really good deal.

    • I thought the pics between the kitchen and the bathroom in the photo sequence must be of the bedroom.

  • justinbc

    Horrible photo perspectives. How is this so cheap?

  • Best block in the city!

  • Seems reasonable to me. I don’t get you guys. I live 6 miles from this spot and live in a one bedroom one bath and pay less than 1000 a month. And I moved to dc in November 2012. Again did anybody that paid 14th street rent shop around?

    • You live six miles away. Whatever you pay is not relevant to the rent on this place.

      • Agreed. There are very few places within the District that are within 6 miles of this place and the ones that are are in markedly different neighborhoods. I don’t get why it’s a novel concept to some people that others may value neighborhood over cost. Obviously it’s a sliding scale and most people fall somewhere between paying any price to be in their chosen and neighborhood and getting the cheapest place, despite location.

        • Also, the rent check is only one aspect of the cost of living somewhere. If living here allows you to live without a car, for example, then it may end up being less expensive than lower rent 6 miles away where you’d need a car to get to work or anywhere else.

        • I used to live 12 miles away, and paid $1300 a month for an entire rowhouse with two parking spaces. This is a better deal in my opinion. Long commutes and no neighborhood amenities have a cost associated with them, even if it isn’t strictly monetary.

      • I lived 6,000 miles away 25 years behind in 1 bedroom flat and paid only 5 rubles for electricity and water…THAT was a good deal 🙂

    • I just had to check myself because this rural girl (aka, six miles from home? you wouldn’t even run into a neighbor!) has apparently been in the city too long. Ten years off the farm and in Logan Circle, and six blocks away is outside of my social radius unless there are extenuating circumstances. I can’t even picture in my head what is six miles away from my lovely neighborhood!

    • Yea, 6 miles north exactly is Silver Spring. Corner of Georgia Ave and US-29N. So you got ripped off if you paid $1,000 back in Nov 2012 for that.

      • And 6 miles south is Shirlington VA. Right off 395 and Glebe Rd. 6 miles east puts you near the Deanworth metro and over the Anacostia.

        6 miles West puts you on the other side of the GW parkway in VA.

        • He/ she said “I moved to dc in November 2012”. So, ruling out the MD and VA possibilities, the person must be living in Deanwood. Huuuuuuge difference between Deanwood and Logan Circle.

          • Many people who live in the suburbs of MD and VA just say they live in DC, so I wouldn’t assume she actually lives in the District..

          • Hard to know if “moved to DC” means the district or the region. In any case, 6 miles from Logan circle in any almost any direction would have lower rents.

      • $1000 for a 1br in downtown Silver Spring less than a year ago is a ripoff? Granted I don’t follow rental prices but that doesn’t sound like a ripoff.

      • austindc

        And six miles straight up would put you in a floating sky fortress in a geosynchronous orbit over Logan Circle, in which case $1000 is a pretty good deal for the area. But you have to factor in the costs of commuting by jet pack.

    • LOLz, 6 miles away. You mean you live in Maryland?

    • Since you’re new here you probably don’t realize DC varies block to block in real estate/rental prices. Six miles in terms of this city is huge, and means you likely live outside the city. That of course is going to affect the price of rent, seeing as many people will pay premiums to be in a convenient neighborhood with lots of amenities. Even if you said you lived 6 blocks away and paid less than $1000 a month, that wouldn’t be saying much.

  • Maybe it’s just a bedroom and a bathroom and the kitchen is shared space? I didn’t see any info on square footage to assume it was a self-contained unit.

    • Seems unlikely. Rentals often don’t give square footage, but would almost certainly mention if the kitchen was shared. And given the layout you can sort of piece together from the pictures, it looks like a single self-contained unit.

  • this apartment is on my block – it’s a one bedroom (small bedroom) on 2nd floor of an owner-occupied row house – owner has 1st floor and basement, and 2 tenants are on 3rd floor. not the Ritz but in a great neighborhood. Owners are nice

  • Love the built in shelving and bay window. Wish the fireplaces were more than decorative, but even so, it is a great place. Agreed that it is probably already gone at that price.

  • lindz0722

    This is a good deal, though not an OMG-AMAZING deal. I live about a block from there, and some of the older apartment buildings in the area, mine included, have similar space (I’m guessing at square footage based on the photos) at similar pricing. I pay about $100 more per month including parking and utilities, though I share my laundry facilities with many more people and don’t have a dishwasher.

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