Lookout for “two individuals- Possibly Connected to the Shootings at Navy Yard”


Update 2:40pm from @SafeDC:

“The white male being sought in connection to the #NavyYardShooting has been identified and is NOT a suspect.”

From MPD:

“We encourage everyone to be observant. We are looking for two individuals- Possibly Connected to the Shootings at Navy Yard.

**Please use caution and do not approach them – these individuals should be considered armed and dangerous.**

1) Black male – 50 years old, carrying a long gun (rifle), wearing a drab olive military-style uniform

2) White male – carrying a hand gun, wearing a Navy-style khaki uniform (with a short-sleeved shirt), and wearing a beret-style hat

As additional descriptions become available, we will inform you. Please call MPD at 202.727.9099 if you have any further information regarding these individuals. Please call 911 if there is an emergency.”

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  • Don’t worry guys, Reddit is already on the case!!!!!


  • Even a garden variety gun nut isn’t going to approach a guy with a rifle.

  • Little concerned for our police/fbi force that had the area contained and now these guys are missing. Concerned as in, how the f’ did these guys get loose so that a APB was put out….

    • I’m hoping that there really aren’t two shooters left and that people just mistakenly confused responders or other military on hand for additional shooters. Won’t be leaving the office for lunch today regardless.

      • That’s what I thought too, that maybe in all the confusion people thought there was more than one shooter, but were mistaken. I hope so.

      • The police released a statement earlier saying that there are weapons missing, so I think it is likely that there is at least one other shooter involved. My prayers for a peaceful and safe evening commute. There are any number of bad possibilities.

      • MPD just announced that the uniformed white male they were looking for was located and is not a suspect.

        It’s sounding like this was a single shooter event.

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