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  • Emmaleigh504

    I like what they did with the building.

  • where are people going to park?

  • Boo to more commercialized businesses coming into the neighborhood :/

    • You’re joking right or do you prefer the blight?

      • I’m more interested learning what a “non-commercialized business” is. Isn’t all business by definition commercial? Or am I missing something?

        • Well, you’ve got moneymaking scams like charter schools and PG churches in Shaw. Insider deals, taxpayer-financed bonds, leases, deductions, landbanking: gotta teach kidz to worship money!

    • From the article:
      “But their renovation project floundered. Then, according to the family’s attorney, Adams National Bank cut off their loan, which prevented them from compensating contractors and resuming the renovation. The Spriggses, who are black, believe that the bank discriminated against them, and they’re “contemplating” a multimillion-dollar civil rights suit against Adams National, Chavers said.”

      Reminds me of the whole Capitol Hill Oasis prefab building mess near H St. The developers there alleged the same thing, discrimination, especially when it was clear to anyone that they completely failed to do anything right. I’m sorry, no one’s to blame but yourself when you make bad decisions and ignore people’s advice.

  • Oh, it’s the house from “Up!”

  • Credit to tterag for beating me to it. 😉

  • Interested to know people’s opinions on Le Pain…I went once and just didn’t get the allure, but perhaps I ordered the wrong thing. Willing to give it a second look if people think otherwise, since I’m not too far from this new location.

    • I like the food – fresh salads, yummy beverages, and delicious desserts. It’s the uber crap-tastic service that turned me off from going back ever again. But this was the 10th and F St. location, so I say give the new location another try!

    • It embraces a higher level of mediocrity — leaves Au Bon Pain and its ilk in the dust but never quite breaks free of its chain store status. When I worked in Dupont, I rarely went (also, the cutesy faux rustic French decor is annoying) but now that I’m trapped in Union Station, I might become a regular if there were one nearby.

    • It was good ten years ago, in Manhattan. DC? Not so much.

  • Ohpleasegod let *something* actually open in this space! I’m so tired of looking at that fencing.

    Now if only the universe would send a new tenant for the Buddha Bar space…

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