Laughing Hyena Tattoos Opens in Columbia Heights, Though New Regulation May Make You Wait 24 Hours to Get One

1454 Park Road, NW

Laughing Hyena Tattoos is located at 1454 Park Rd, NW:

“Laughing Hyena Tattoos is a full-service tattoo shop dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price. We maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work. We provide quality tattoo’s in a healthy, clean environment.”

On Friday WAMU reported

“A set of regulations for tattoo artists and body piercers unveiled today would mandate a 24-hour wait between when a customer requests a tattoo or piercing and when they can actually get it.”

Think a 24-hour wait period before getting a tattoo or piercing is a good idea or a ridiculous one?

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  • A waiting period? Seriously?

    As the WAMU article says: “Health Department says the new proposed regulation will stop impulse tattoos. Says some regret getting tattoos the next day.”

    Sometimes it’s ok to let people live with the consequences of their decisions. Tattoos seems like one of the best times to do so, since they only affect the person who made the decision. God help us if the government tries to prevent us from doing things we might regret the next day.

    “I’ll have another bourbon bartender.”
    “Sorry, you’ll have to wait 24 hours before I can give you another drink.”

  • I have no tats, but I feel somewhat conflicted about the issue. I tend to lean towards letting grown ups make decisions about their bodies without the “guidance” of a nanny state, but I do think that not giving tattoos to the intoxicated patron may be beneficial to both parties.

    • Any tattoo parlor worth going to won’t tattoo drunk people.

      • Are tattoo parlors typically open late, during the standard hours of drunken shenanigans? If not, it seems unlikely that someone would drunkenly get a tattoo in the first place.

  • I’d be ok with a 5-minute waiting period, provided the subject and the artist use it to run a spellcheck.

  • So, I’m not a fan of tattoos and am a regulator so see where regulations have their place in this world. But this just seems rediculous. If people who are old enough to get a tattoo or piercing want to get a tattoo or piercing, let them do it. I just don’t see what purpose a 24 hour waiting period would serve.

  • jim_ed

    My question is: Who is asking for this legislation? I’ve never once heard ANYONE ask for this. Is there some kind of advocacy group pushing this regulation that I’m unfamiliar with? Who felt like this was an issue that needed regulating?

  • ridiculous. how is this enforced?

  • As a very heavily tattooed person, I find it absurd that I’d have to wait 24 hours to get something that a) I want, b) causes no harm to myself or others, c) is my own goddamn business.

    • As a non-tattooed person, I totally agree.
      jim_ed asks the key question. WHY? I assume there are already regs in place for those under 16 or 18 or 21 or whatever, so what purpose does this serve? Is this a push from MD and VA tattoo parlor owners to drive up their own business?

      • So you’re suggesting that MD/VA tattoo businesses have convinced the DC Council to send them more business by making it harder to get a tattoo in DC? That doesn’t sound like a sensible explanation for what’s going on here, even if it might be one effect of it.

  • Republicans will have a got-damn field day if this legislation goes through. Talk about over-regulating!!

  • A bad haircut lasts about as long as a piercing if you let it close up. Why not do this with hair salons too?

  • Ridiculous! And I’m very unlikely to get a tat & strongly support the need for government services and oversight in areas that affect public welfare. It’s a personal decision . I can see age restrictions and refusing people who are obviously drunk or otherwise impaired. Beyond that — nah. And not all customers will be local — it shouldn’t take multiple visits just to meet a regulation that seems to have no public benefit.

  • Also add a trans-vaginal ultrasound and anal probe. . .

  • Tell me again about how libertarians are the crazy ones.

  • Honestly it depends. If its your first tattoo, I don’t think its a bad idea. It allows the artist to draw up the art and then allow you to see it. BUT a seasoned client knows exactly what they want and usually plans the appointment based on what he/she wants. Doesn’t make sense. Regulations only delay and potentially cause the shop to struggle because if people think more they may not return. Then there is also the need of getting something you don’t like and then getting legal complaints. Its just crazy. Just my thoughts.

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