La Mano Coffee Bar now open in Takoma

304 Carroll Street, NW

Thanks to Caroline for sending word:

“On Tuesday, September 3, Takoma welcomed its newest and long-awaited business, La Mano Coffee Bar. La Mano had a more-onerous-than-usual road to opening after dealing with permitting delays and a surprise, last-minute bill from PEPCO for over $10,000.

As the initial projected early spring opening moved into mid-summer, Javier Rivas and Anna Petrillo, the owners, turned to the community through an indiegogo campaign and weekly pop-ups. With this community support, La Mano raised over $15,000 in two months and removed the final hurdles to opening.

Those supporters turned out in droves to welcome La Mano on opening day. Visitors were treated to an array of coffees and teas as well as pastries made in-house. Petrillo described the first weekend as busy and challenging but great.”


La Mano Coffee Bar is located at 304 Carroll Street NW.


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  • I am sorry, call me highly suspicious but I never bought the “last minute 10K ” bill from pepco.

    I am a PM for the cities largest commercial GC. We have to deal with Pepco, WashGas, DCWater nearly on a daily basis.

    My project downtown is gutting a 9 story, 300K sq/ft office building and we had to add 4 additional 600 amp (standard residential is 200 amp) feeders from the street. It meant digging from the pepco vault in the sidewalk, running new conduits and extending the 4 additional services 50 feet and the cost from Pepco was 13K.

    Considering this is a small coffee bar, I would be really surprised if there is more than a 200 amp service required, and if so, the price is just really unbelievable.

    • This was a complex issue that we as small business owners had little professional knowledge about. We relied on our team of contractors and requested special assistance from Pepco’s Public Affairs Office to deal with the situation. We were assigned to a staff member there and the lead engineer responsible for the project. They were in contact with us daily about the exact nature of the upgrade and did their best to explain in layman’s terms why this pricetag and project was needed. You are correct, we do not require much service at all for a small coffeeshop. This is why we also thought the price was unbelievable. However, the issue was related to the existing feeders and conduits available on our specific block.

      If you would like to stop by the shop, we can discuss the details and show you the plans, letters, emails, and our records of the past six months of sorting out this issue. I take great pride in the fact that we have run a responsible and transparent crowdsourcing campaign and are giving back to our donors by giving them lifetime discounts. I do not wish for people to be even the least bit suspicious of where their money went.

      Again, we would be happy to share the details of the project over a cup of coffee at our newly opened shop. Please stop by anytime.

    • You act like Pepco is some upstanding utilco or something that looks out for the little man.

      La Mano is great, it will be come a standard stop when I ride down into DC through Takoma.

  • I tried La Mano yesterday & it was great – excellent coffee with good food options. I’m very happy to see this shop open. Welcome!

  • La Mano is a nice little shop. I stopped by this morning and was impressed with the buildout. It looks great. There is hardly any seating but I think that’s actually a good thing for them. They have a nice little space that is convenient to the metro station. Why pay for the extra square footage for tables if they aren’t going to generate much revenue?

    I was also impressed with the staff and the quality of the drinks. I was surprised to see 5 people working. That seems like a lot for a coffee shop but they were busy. I wish them all the best and I hope that other entrepreneurs consider opening in Takoma DC.

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