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  • Emmaleigh504


  • Perfect for a fire department, health clinic, School of Brutal Architecture wing or a new mixed use building that reflect our evolving streetscapes and houses a bank, a frozen yogurt shop, a nail salon, and CVS or Rite-Aid o the ground floor and a gym/fitness center/spa and yoga studio on the top floor, and a Latin-Mediterasian small plates and craft beer restaurant on the roof.

  • The window installation and upper surfacing look messy.

  • This is down the street from where I used to live and my former neighbors are still friends. Taken out of context it is an interesting looking house. But it is COMPLETELY out of touch from the rest of the neighborhood. It is so different that it stands out and appears ugly and obtrusive compared to it’s surroundings. So in fact, most people in Forrest Hills do not like their modern architecture, just this one person…

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Most definitely not just this one person. I have at least a dozen other examples from the neighborhood.

    • Disagree, malarsk. There’s a healthy diversity of architecture in that neighborhood, and this house slots in nicely.

    • I drive through that neighborhood all the time, and particularly the block this house is on. I saw it being constructed. It is definitely not in the same style as other homes on that block but it is spaced far enough from its closest neighbors so that the contrast is not that glaring. It sticks out but in a good way. I think it’s a beautiful building.

  • chasscott, you’re not far off. IIRC, that home actually does have a yoga studio on the upper floor.

  • I hope you’re just being sarcastic, given the “surfaces’ trolls here.

    It’s a clean modern look that will hold up better than the faux French provincial that seems popular now for “traditional style” big houses.

    Simple contemporary styles like this work better in a wooded neighborhood like Forest Hills than in some denuded place like Pretend Potomac.If anything they help draw attention to the trees and plantings.

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