Holy Transformation at 3rd and U Street, NW

3rd and U St, NW in 2011

Wow, I hadn’t realized how much the old house at 3rd and U St, NW had been transformed. Here’s the view of the back from U Street:


View from the front:



Check out the transformation of the carriage house after the jump.





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  • I’ve always loved that house. This is so great to see, and not broken up into 8 condos with a neighborhood-ruining popup either, it seems! I guess the historic district designation would preclude that though. Bravo.

    • you’re wrong, the historic designation wouldn’t preclude that. Myla Moss and her meddling ways did, however, prevent a plan to do just that. Which would have been better for the neighborhood as it would have added 16+ people instead of 2.

  • Isn’t this the house that Ari Shapiro (of NPR fame) purchased, or was rumored to have purchased? It really is a nice renovation, they took their time and recreated or restored-in-place many of the exterior architectural details.

  • Emmaleigh504


  • Looks great! Looks like they could still use a landscaper, but other than that, the house looks fantastic.

  • That’s definitely the house Ari Shapiro bought a couple years ago… no public sale records since then so I’m assuming they’re still the ones who rehabbed it. Wish we could see inside, I bet its beautiful!

  • That carriage house is mine if it ever goes on the market. I covet it.

  • This is, indeed, Ari Shapiro’s house. Although, now that he’s moving to London, I wonder if they’ll keep it, sell it, or rent it out? They’ve put so much blood, sweat and tears into the house, it is really hard to imagine that they would let it go.

  • Too bad all the gingerbread was painted over with a single color. It’s good the place has been preserved, it’s too bad DC is so conservative that painted ladies like this wind up looking like dowager empresses.

    • I thought the same thing. I’m sure it’s a great restoration, but that is a helluva bland paint job. Jeez.

      PS- how much scratch does NPR pay these folks?

      • He’s the White House Correspondent. he travels with Obama all around the world, on the press team. that’s pretty high up.

    • what were the original colors?

    • The paint colors are horrible. Not just the monotone, but that drab depressing brown.

      I’m quite impressed with the renovation, but I would have definitely chosen better colors – even if the ones they picked are historically accurate or original, it seems like other historiccally appropriate choices were available.

      • So true. Fortunately, painting the trim is a relatively easy and inexpensive thing to change (compared with things like replacing chimneys with windows!).

  • Glad this house was saved in somewhat original form and not chopped up. I would volunteer to help plant something on the 3rd St side of the house to make it look more lived in, but otherwise am very happy with how it turned out.

  • If one could have seen the mess inside (hidden spaces for who-knows-what created between original floors and new raised ones) as well as the lopping off of gorgeous interior woodwork, I think they would have no problem with the occupancy today. Cramming 16 people into a space that was originally built to house a family (probably four people in its day) would only add to problems in a neighborhood. Those 16 would likely come with cars, have friends, and soon the neighbors would be screaming about the occupancy violations! I am glad they restored the house and chose to supplement the costly operation by restoring the carriage house versus glopping up walls and creating rooms to rent by the hour (which so many other Victorians have found as their fate).

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