“Happiness Sprinkle & Free Hugs” at Navy Yard Metro Tomorrow Wed. Sep. 25th 4:30p-7p

From a press release:

“In the wake of last week’s tragic Navy Yard shooting, the organization most known for facilitating “Happiness Sprinklings in cities across the U.S., will set up shop at Navy Yard, Sprinkling happiness on those still grappling with tragedy.

While this is no solution to the ongoing problem of gun access and violence in our nation, it is an avenue to show that there is still an ounce of humanity, love and compassion in our community. Come join us! Don a bright yellow shirt, hold an encouraging sight that we’ll provide, make someone smile or hug a stranger and most importantly, have fun!

Who: Happiness Sprinkling Project
What: Happiness Sprinkle & Free Hugs
When: Tomorrow! Wednesday Sep. 25th 4:30p-7p
Where: Navy Yard Metro”

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  • Hugging strangers…what could go wrong.

  • This sounds annoying as hell. “Sure, you lost coworkers to deadly violence and are totally wigged out going to the office where it happened, and now you have to deal with the Metro when you just want to get home, but smile!”

    • Yeah, I’m sure all those 60-year-old conservative men (standard Navy Yard employee demographic) will be absolutely thrilled to have some jobless hippie trying to give them hugs. 🙂

      • emphasis on the word *sprinkle* – what were these people thinking? Nice thought and all that, but did anyone take Marketing or Psych or Soc 101? You don’t even have to have taken a class to know this is just not right. Intentions are nice, but I am wincing in a big way here.

  • I gently suggested on their Facebook page that it might be better for them to donate blood instead offering unsolicited hugs. The comment was immediately removed — which confirms my suspicion that this really to feed their own egos instead serving the needs of Navy Yard. Great, now I have to dodge these guys on the way home.

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