Good Deal or Not? “Sophisticated styling” edition

1118 K Street Northeast_view

This house is located at 1118 K Street, Northeast:


The listing says:

“Another Quality Renovation by KL Development LLC. Sophisticated styling of this completely renovated 3BR 3.5Bath features 2 Master BR Suites and showcases an open floorplan w/oak hdwd flrs,exposed brick walls&tray ceilings . Gourmet Kitchen w/glass-tile backsplash/undercabinet lighting, luxury baths. Finished bsmt/ in-law suite w/wet bar, security system and much more. This is a must SEE!!!”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $749,500.

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  • Is the idea behind “two MBR suites” that this place is meant to be occupied by roommates? Or I suppose a couple who like the idea of a full service guest room? If I were looking for a family home, this would not appeal to me.

  • justinbc

    I just saw this come through my inbox earlier and had conflicting thoughts… It’s a good size, but a huge chunk of that (660 of 1980 total) is in the basement, which isn’t separately metered. It’s at least mostly nicely done though, and having “three” bedrooms will probably help them hit close to list price. A good profit for a house that sold in April for $365,000.

    • Yeah typically the basement is not included in the square footage as far as real estate listings, so it’s somewhat misleading. I don’t think the price is too far off for the neighborhood, but typically the houses are larger than this one, and many have a garage. That said, it’s probably a bit overpriced.

  • Looks tiny! I wonder if the square footage is off. I hate having the front door open straight into the living room. It’s a design pet peeve of mine. Combined with no definition between LR, DR, and kitchen, this is my absolute least favorite layout for a rowhouse. Given that you can get more space for less $ in more convenient neighborhoods, I say no deal.
    Also, how about that random photography? Lying on the kitchen floor shooting up? Close-up of a towel ring from Target? Whaa?

    • wdc,

      What’s the altnernative to “having hte front door open straight into the living room?

      Build a refrigerator-sized box as a “mud-room”? As someone who has that solution, I can vouchsafe that it’s the worst of all worlds.

      Seriously, we’d love to know what might work. Thanks!

      • My house has the front door, the powder room door, and the stairway in a hall; half of the wall that separates the living room and the hallway is a large, framed-out open doorway, so the space doesn’t feel chopped-up. Living room occupants don’t catch a draft from the front door, and I don’t feel like my coatrack is in my living room.
        It’s a pretty common layout, though I’m sure I haven’t described it well.

        • Is your house the same width as this one? I see (and prefer) the layout you describe in wider rowhouses, but in these narrow ones the door usually opens up right into the living room. I agree that it seems worse when the whole first floor is one giant room, but am not sure that this place (and others like it) would have the space to sacrifice to a separate hallway.
          I wonder if a short half wall near the door would help separate the “entrance”, hide the shoes, etc. without making it feel like taking off your shoes and coats in a phone booth.

          • Thank you both! My issue is indeed a very narrow living room . . . made narrower in the front, window area by the slice of wall that sorta creates an entry space. Can’t see to win either way. Good to think about, though, so many thanks.

    • justinbc

      It looks tiny because they’re including basement square footage in the total. So the actual standard living space is about 1300 sqft between the upper two levels. That’s not “tiny” for some folks, but it’s definitely going to feel cramped if you’re used to living in one large spread out apartment level, or something similar.

  • My god….those photos are awful.

    • So true–difficult to gauge the sizes of the rooms–DR is either tiny or long. The bedrooms look narrow. The kitchen would be brighter w/o the circa 1970 colored cabinets. The wood floor in the kitchen is popular but impractical–the stainless and the glass mosaic-ish backsplash has officially entered the cliche zone.

      • Totally agree on all points. I had a wood floor in the kitchen in my previous house, and while it looked nice, it’s totally impractical. Now I have a kitchen with tile and I don’t have to be nearly as vigilant about stray splashes of water.

        I cringe every time I see those mosaic backsplashes…especially when they’re mixed with a patterned granite like this one.

  • That price seems WAY high to me, especially for something that is a mile from the closest Metro stop. I live in a Victorian townhouse off Rhode Island and North Cap that is over 2000 square feet without counting the 600 feet in my basement, and as far as I can tell the market value of my place is at least 100K less than this asking price. Not a good deal, not even close.

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