Good Deal or Not? “Live the life” edition (owner request)

1414 Belmont Street NW

This condo is located at 1414 Belmont Street, NW:


The listing says:

“Live the life, The Solea, chic condo in the trendy U Street neighborhood. Built in 2009, this sunny unit offers HWF, floor to ceiling window, granite, SS appliances, lrg BA, plenty of closet space. Happy hour at your comm. patio w/ sofas & umbrella table.”

You can see more photos here.

This studio is going for $309,000 ($190 monthly fee.)

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  • Seems like a decent deal, especially given the low fees. Too bad it doesn’t have another window. You could put in a full or partial wall and make it a one bedroom if that was the case..

  • makes me gag that a studio is going for that much with such an awkward layout. overpriced.

  • horribly overpriced! you can get one bedrooms in better locations for less, or that are at least similarly priced.

  • houseintherear

    When these units were first up for sale four years ago, I almost bought the large studio (600 sq ft) with private patio (300 sq ft). It was going for $285k asking. Not sure whether prices would be going up or down or staying still at that location, but this GDON unit may be a bit overpriced..?

  • Is that a combination washer-dryer? Or a washing machine with no corresponding dryer?
    (The latter situation would be really common in the UK or Japan, but is practically unknown here.)

  • I guess for 300K I don’t want to actually be able to make breakfast in bed!

  • this is perfect for a sketchpad with more money than sense.

  • This made me chuckle a little. Does it have a bathroom or do you use a shared one down the hall?

  • justinbc

    480 square foot total. It looks in good condition, but I’m afraid you would be “living the life” by yourself.

  • jim_ed

    I feel like cooking here would be incredibly difficult if you were right-handed. This is a great deal for people who think the happy hour at Del Campo is a steal

    Every Day I say a little prayer that we bought a house as soon as we possibly could scrape together to do so. $300k for a walk-in closet, just how it goes in BoomTown.

  • This is just sad sad sad.

  • People have covered the price, but what I don’t understand is why does the kitchen counter have three different heights – the stove, the dishwasher is a step down, then the regular countertop is a step down from that. Just seems strange. And in a kitchen that small wouldn’t you want 42″ (or taller) cabinets rather than standard 30″ cabinets?

  • They want $643 per square foot. Way over priced, even for U Street.

  • I didn’t notice before that this GDoN was an owner request — the owner is a brave soul to submit his/her place to the PoP commentariat.

  • Unless I’m mistaken, the listing has no photos of a fridge.
    I’m assuming the fridge must be at the left end of the kitchen and didn’t appear in the two kitchen shots… but the agent really ought to add a photo. (It’s not a dorm-size fridge, is it??)
    As Soozles alluded, there are no bathroom photos.
    I’d think studios would be at a disadvantage in the condo market — lots of people rent studios, but I’m not sure how many people want to make a long-term commitment to one. I wonder what this condo’s owner-to-investor ratio is, and what the restrictions are on renting out one’s condo.

    • There’s definitely a full sized fridge at the end. If you google the address you can see the rest of the pics, and one of them shows the edge of the fridge. Not sure why Pop’s listing is missing some pics and some critical info (like the address, for example), but there’s better info available. Address is 1414 BELMONT ST NW #302.

  • I take it that’s a mini-fridge, not a dishwasher, in the kitchen? (Or can you just not see the fridge in the photos?) That’d be a dealbreaker for me. I suppose it’s not bad if you absolutely shun cooking, but I’m a pretty lazy non-cook myself, and even I’d get weary of trying to cram everything into a mini-fridge. I’d be perfectly happy with an in-unit washer and a shared, laundry-room dryer in the building (although that would be an odd and almost-unheard of setup)…but no dryer at all might also be a dealbreaker. I don’t use a dryer for anything except sheets and towels, but it’d be a real pain in the butt to have to line-dry sheets off your shower curtain rod or whatnot.

  • Crappy layout. I’d rather more separation of the kitchen from other areas. Frankly, an Embassy Suites room would be more livable.

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