Good Deal or Not? “Design styles from industrial, to modern, to Art Deco” edition (owner request)

1745 Kalorama Road

This condo is located at 1745 Kalorama Road, NW:


The listing says:

“Cool space, nearly 3,000 sqft on 1 level, w/ 3 BR/2 BA, finished concrete floors, exposed beams & ductwork. Design styles from industrial, to modern, to Art Deco. Renovated KIT incl. stainless steel appliances, granite counters, & huge center island. MBR w/walk-in closet, MBA w/Kohler fixtures, sep. shower & tub. Rear patio & storage space. 2 rental parking options available.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $795,000 ($494 monthly fees.)

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  • I’m a little disgusted by myself when I say that I actually kind of like it. And it seems like a lot of space and something unusual for the area. I have no idea on price.

    • It’s a basement level apartment and this place has been on the market multiple times in the last year or two. There’s not a large market willing to pay $800K for a market. Despite the massive square footage.

      I guess it would be really good for a home business or office with a small number of employees? That’s a pretty limited market of buyers.

      • It has not been on the market several times. I bought it 12 years ago. This is the first time it has been for sale since. You may have seen a posting about it being for rent about a year ago.

  • DC’s most expensive basement apartment?

  • Under $270/square foot AND it’s unique. I’d say it’s a steal.

  • “Design styles from industrial, to modern, to Art Deco” – e.g. design clusterf*ck

  • 8×10 is really small for a bedroom, especially with that step eating up a lot of the space. It would make more sense to use the office for a bedroom, or cut into some of the living area.

    Definitely not my taste. But I bet you could ride bikes or rollerskate inside, and that’s kind of cool.

    • From the floor plan, it looks like you have to walk through the “office” to get to the rest of the unit.
      I agree about 8′ x 10′ being awfully small for a bedroom.

  • Seems very cold and uninviting but I’m sure there are people out there that love the style. I will say I’d take that closet though.

  • very large and very cool. throw in the furniture and the guitars and I’ll take it!

  • The place is interesting, but the proportions are off (i.e. It looks like the storage room is larger than one of the bedrooms). With 3,000 sq ft of space, there’s no excuse for this.

    • obviously which room you use as storage and which one you put a bed in is totally arbitrary.

      • Looks like the storage room has no windows–that’s probably why it’s not considered another bedroom.

        Design is okay, if not my style. But the floorplan looks awful–like the pillars running through the “lounge” which makes it into two awkward side-by-side hallways, and the horrible step ups in the bedrooms. Square footage, it’s not a bad deal, but you could probably find another three bedroom that’s less strange for $800,000. And maybe even above ground.

  • Love it. If you renovated it yourself props. Beautiful

  • Kitchen made me seasick!

  • Sparta

    It would make a classy half-way house.

  • I would have torn down the wall between the 2nd and 3rd bedroom to make it larger. That way you still have 3 bedrooms (master, 2nd bed, and office).

    Unfortunately I think the issue may be in the size. There are not too many singles or couples looking for that kind of space. It would be great for a family, but the question is whether a family is going to want to move to that corner.

    Perhaps it will be purchased by a developer and then split up into 2, 3 or even 4 units because it is a very good price.

    • I would take down the wall between the storage area and the neighboring bedroom, and wall off the back of the “exercise” room for storage instead. You can’t just get rid of the storage, because other than the awesome dressing room/closet, there is zero closet space. None. I think that would make this not a great place for a family. Even kids need closets to store their clothes and whatnot.

  • I love it, and if I could afford it, I’d buy it in a hot minute. But I know that’s not what you posted here to learn. Given the comments, you have to acknowledge that you have an unusual space, designed to suit certain needs better than others, and that the market for such is going to be somewhat limited. Given the extremely generous square footage, even a modest $/sq ft will result in a price tag that narrows that market even further (and puts you in competition with more conventional “high end” options). I hope you aren’t in need of a quick sale, because I think it will take time for you & the right buyer to find each other! I hope that happens, because I’d hate to see this carved up into smaller (more affordable) shoebox units (and I say that as someone who lives in a shoebox unit). Good luck, and I hope you have an energetic and creative realtor!

  • This is a lot of space for Adams Morgan. While the layout isn’t perfect and it’s basement level, this could be a good alternative to a standard two bedroom condo for someone who appreciates a unique place. You can definitely find nice two-bedrooms in the $500’s in this area, but not too many updated 3 bedrooms for this price. Still, with some of those older townhouses going in the 7-800’s, this may have to drop closer to $700k to find a buyer quickly, especially without parking.

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