Fundraiser for Firefighter’s Burn Foundation Monday 5-9pm at Local 16


From an email:

Local 16
Monday Sept 9
1602 U Street, NW

Join our fundraiser with ENGINE 9, ENGINE 4 & TRUCK 9 on Monday , September 9 , 2013 by raising donations as a “Thank You” to the DC Firefighter’s Burn Foundation for helping 2 injured & hospitalized firefighters (Lt. S.Downs & FF/Tech W.Rose).
Please submit your donations here.

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  • If you are going to use the American Flag in an advertisement, you should at least NOT fly it backwards. All due respect to the Burn Foundation and the great work they do, this is unacceptable. It may seem like something small to some of you, it is not a small deal. People around the world die for that flag, show some respect.

  • I thought people died for our country or our country’s causes, not a piece of material.

    • That is a true statement. It is not the actual material that they fight for, it’s all of the things that are what that piece of fabric represents. The flag of this country is the embodiment of all of those beliefs that we hold dear, as Americans. My only point was (and still is), if you are going to try and make a buck off of the flag at least fly it properly.

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