From the Forum – Need Rec’s for High Velocity Air Conditioning installation


Need Rec’s for High Velocity Air Conditioning installation:

“Hi – I’m looking for someone to install a high velocity air conditioning system (Space Pak) in my row house – I need someone with a good price who can come really fast! Anyone have a good HVAC guy to recommend?”

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  • I highly recommend Energy Systems Inc out of Lothian, MD. They installed a high-velocity system in our 105-year-old apartment. We were (and still are) very happy with the quality of labor and equipment, the care they took while working in our home, the fair price, and long-term support commitment. We’ve recommended them to other neighbors since our installation, and all have been equally pleased. ESI are really good at working in older structures and they provide top-notch service all around. (And no, I have no affiliation with them…I’m just a happy customer.)

    • I second the recommendation for Energy Systems Inc. They installed a Unico system in our row house in 2006. Great people to work with, little disruption to our home, and fabulously cool days and nights for the last seven years.

      • Gonna third this one. I’m somewhat acquainted with the guys who run that company. Smart people, very knowledgeable and good at their jobs. You’d do well to go with them.

  • For a high velocity system Sila comes highly recommended. They ain’t cheap, and in my personal experience, their sales force is off-putting. I would just say that their sales force isn’t installing the system, and their system guys apparently do a good job; also, that for high velocity systems I would definitely pick “good” over “cheap”. Finally, I wouldn’t get a high velocity system. There are no minimum efficiency standards for high velocity, there are two units to maintain instead of one, and there are many fewer competent installers. We just went through this and we opted for conventional. If you do that, try Polar Bear.

    • Agree with Mark. For most rowhouse installs, spacepak is not worth it. I’d also recommend a conventional system installed in the attic/roof. Registers are placed in the 2nd floor ceiling and flexible tubes are dropped through the 2nd floor closets to supply registers in the 1st floor ceiling. There is no duct-work built into your living space and you don’t even lose that much space in the closets. I also had this type of system installed by Polar Bear at $5k and some change less than the best quote for spacepak. The only downside is that this system usually won’t reach the basement, but I plan to install a mini-split (under $1000) down there if I ever turn it into finished space.

      • Start checking on the average temp of your basement. I have a conventional HVAC in a 3 story above ground, plus basement apt. with separate HVAC. The basement stays very cool just on insulation and I suppose, my leaking/drifting AC. They can have their thermostat at 83 and the temp is actually around 73.

  • Try Dave Serles at Aspen Air. He did a great job in my row home. His cell is (301) 439-5340.

  • I would go with Sila. We just got it installed and the installation staff were very good. They cleaned after themselves everyday. I would not agree with the previous comment regarding spacepak. This is my second house that I got it installed and I love it. It is much more energy efficient. My very first house I have a conventional AC installed and it took up lots of valuable space and was fugly!. Go with Sila and Spacepak.

  • I recommend Rich Abernathy with Air Cool and Heating out of Virginia. (703) 360-7840. It took a crew of three about three days to do it all, and we LOVE the system.

    • Second the rec for Rich Abernathy. They got the job done very quickly and for a lot less than Sila. We obtained a third quote, but I forget the company. Rich is top-notch. His crew is awesome.

  • R & B installed a 4 ton unit on my roof and did a hell of a job. in the district and VA.

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