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  • It’s going to cost a lot. If you go with a service that’s listed, insured and bonded, that’s the safest but also the most costly, probably $1500-$2000 upwards depending on size and complexity. If you ask around through contractors, you can do it significantly cheaper. A couple years ago I was quoted $2500 by an Angie’s List recommended firm and ended up having it done for $850 through somebody my mason knew. Took about 45 minutes.

    You might want to go for the insured legit organization if the tree is complicated or near a house though.

  • Call Takoma Tree Experts – they are great and do projects for me all the time –

    I paid about $800 for a 20′ tree in a tight alley space a few years back.

    Depends on size and location.

  • We had a very large tree stump removed for $250 by Georgetown Fine Pruning and Tree Care. They came out, wrote a quote and we had the stump removed two days later. We left the side gate open and so we didn’t even have to be there. We are having them back to prune most of our trees this fall. They gave us a very detailed quote about what needs to be done and when. For example, one tree they said was good for 1-2 more years. Very helpful and all around outstanding service.



  • JL Tree service did a great job for me. They have a 10% off coupon on their website. I paid bout $800 for a 30-40 foot dead tree. Took about 4 hours to come down. The foreman said I got a good deal and similar trees usually got for about $1500. Got lucky.

  • Can’t beat Bartlett Tree Experts. Not only did they do an amazing job with a tough tree, they did a good job dealing with neighbors who didn’t want the tree to come down. Unfortunately, for a very large tree, we spent over $5k.

    Make sure you get your permits.

  • Adirondack Tree Experts. They pulled out four trees, two small, but two of which had grown together and had been wrapped in chain link which had grown into the wood. $1700 for the lot. But get your permits–if the tree is dangerous, it’s free, but if it’s a big tree that’s basically healthy, you have to pay quite a bit for the permit. However, if you don’t, the fines are even more expensive.

  • Would the city pay for it if it’s in your front yard that’s technically still owned by the city (as is the case with many rowhouses in the District)?

    • Trees in the public space that homeowners get to use as their front yards are the responsibility of homeowners. Homeowners get to use public space (known officially as “Parking”) as a front yard as long as they maintain it. Taking care of trees in their Parking is part of the maintenance responsibility of homeowners. Trees in the sidewalk or tree lawn are different and are the responsibility of DDOT.

  • I have an attached rowhouse with NO alley access that backs into the backyard of another attached rowhouse. I assume if I had to remove a dead/dying tree from the rear yard, the options are either incur a rental crane cost and go over the top or haul that sucker out piece-by-piece through the house. Anybody ever dealt with this variation on the theme and have a recommendation? Same companies?

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