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Fence and parking pad gate installation:

“After catching someone trying to steal our scooter this morning, we’re going to bite the bullet and get a fence and gate installed for privacy and more protection for our yard and parking pad. Currently, we have a chain link fence along the perimeter and an open parking pad that once had a car port. Anyone have any recommendations for someone reasonably priced? Thanks!”

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  • Ooh I’d love to hear some too. We got quotes on installing a 7 foot privacy fence with metal frame drive-gate. It would be about 80 feet of fencing total for all sides and the cheapest quote was $5K, which seemed steep to me.

  • Would love to know the recs for a parking pad too!

  • Check out GreenroomDC dot com. Bryan is a local DC resident, and does fences and landscaping.

  • N. Pooner & Sons installs most of the residential roll-up gates in DC. They are not cheap, but a roll-up is a great option for an unenclosed area because it is basically weather proof and extremely reliable. We have had ours for 10 years and it’s still going strong. Pooner guarantees the gate itself for 20 years. When we have needed service, it has been very prompt and efficient.

    • May I ask how much it cost to put one in? I realize it’s probably a lot more than it was 10 years ago, but it’s nice to have a general idea.

      • Had a pooner installed last year, a 16 footer (wide) and it was 8K. That doesn’t include the cost of paying an electrician to run power from your house out to the gate. I had an external outlet on the back of my house that they ran it from, so that was only a few hundred bucks, but if you don’t have any outlets on the back of your house to use, it could be more.

        12 of the 14 houses that back up to my alley have pooners, and the two that don’t have to frequently deal with the problems associated with not having a secure back area (car break ins, house break ins, stealing grills, bums/drunks defecating near the house, people dumping furniture/construction waste).

        • Huh $8K is actually a lot less than I thought it would cost. Definitely something worth considering. Thanks for the info!

        • Yes, the security is key, which I forgot to mention. This was actually our primary motivation for installing it. No one is getting through one of these doors, over it maybe, but not through it. Someone once tore the wooden gate off our back fence, which just goes to show that the weak link in our security was not the Pooner door.

    • One more thing: it is really easy to remove graffiti from these doors.

  • We recently had ours done by Home Depot. They were very reasonable. The reason we went with them ultimately is because DC contractors, plumbers, painters and generally every single other business you have to rely on for your house is unreliable. Home Depot is held to corporate standards. Though this is not ideal to help the community it seems to me that nonce of these local businesses actually want to make any money.
    Generally you will need to call 5-10 different companies to get 1 or 2 estimates. Home Depot does the work for you. We paid about 2,500 for our whole front yard and they did it in one day. It looks great too! I don’t work for Home Depot btw. I’m just a guy who has redone many things in his house this year and this was the best experience I’ve had.

    • agree on the comments about contractors in dc. its strange and sad that there is such a problem of unemployment particularly amongst young men in DC, yet there are legions of homeowners with open checkbooks who have trouble finding skilled contractors. Why don’t DC high schools teach this? Seems like a perfect replacement for the blue collar factory jobs that are no longer available in cities all around the east coast and rust belt.

  • Agreed with Tim. We ultimately went with an independent contractor, but even getting 3 quotes was such a headache, it should’ve been a sign to come. We have a beautiful fence and gate now, but not after weeks of unresponsiveness, unprofessional, and excuse-ridden behavior. I don’t even want to give you the name because of how terrible our experience was, regardless of the successful end product.

    • Wow, sounds like you had a very similar experience to what I’m going through trying to get an estimate on redoing my kitchen! Have contacted a dozen contractors over the course of several months and have yet to get a single estimate, or even a single person to come out and look! I did manage to get three quotes on our fence, but they were all way too high in my opinion and I’m considering attempting to replace it myself at this point.

      • we are on month 15 of trying to get our home renovation project underway. it’s remarkable.

      • justinbc

        Give Four Brothers LLC a call. They are some of the nicest people we’ve ever worked with (although far from “cheap” if that’s your #1 priority).

        • I definitely don’t want cheap, but I don’t have unlimited funds either. I am looking for a contractor who is willing to work with salvage materials and help restore the integrity of my over 100-year-old row home (which was wiped clean by the previous owner, and poorly I might add). I know some design-build firms want you to order custom cabinetry and pick all the expensive finishes from their showroom. That is just not in my budget and I will want to source most of the materials myself. I also already know what I want design-wise, so there is really no need to pay for designers/drawings etc.

          • justinbc

            I would say definitely reach out to them then. I know they are currently working on a historic remodel down in Williamsburg where everything has to be done to exact preservation standards, so working with reclaimed materials will be nothing new.

      • Ugh, I’m dreading the day we have to do anything more extensive than a fence/gate. I was surprised to learn there is a premium to jobs in DC – when I told the fence guys the job was in DC, almost all of them added a “DC surcharge” to deal with traffic, gas, etc. They’re all inside the beltway though? Called 8 places, spoke to 5, got 3 to come out. Strangely, one of the 3 didn’t bother to submitting a quote, but said it was over 5K for a cedar fence and gate, so that took him out of the running pretty quickly. Ended up going with a 3.5K estimate, and only got the stain covered because the contractor “accidentally” knocked over a 5gal bucket of stain and left a horrible river of reddish-brown stain running down the alley (I’m sure our neighbors love us).

        Suggestion – if you haven’t already, negotiate. These prices are wildly negotiable, and only after I requested to see itemized estimates for materials and labor did this particular contractor agree to come down $750.

        Agreed w/ Anon 4:07. Every project I’ve had done (replacing a shower, retiling, medicine cabinet, door handles, etc.) has either had to be re-done, or it was a drawn out process that took way longer than expected. Maybe we’re just all uber type A people with insanely high standards that no contractor can attempt to meet, but that really can’t be the case, can it???

  • Mario Landscape was the lowest quote of the three I got for essentially the same scope. The project also involved a good deal of grading and I had a patio installed. Everything started out well, but he had some trouble with the gate. Eventually it got sorted out, but it did take a long time for the gate to be installed correctly (with a working, locking latch).

  • MasterFences (301-947-0014) was pretty great. I didn’t realize they were in Gaithersburg but they were prompt with coming by to do an estimate. I had both the front and the backyard fenced up after having gotten a dog, and I felt the price was reasonable after getting multiple quotes. It’s a family-owned business and everyone I dealt with was nice and always got back to me for any questions I had.

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