From the Forum – Anyone Else Still Feeling the Effects of Ragweed?

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“since it’s late August/early September, ragweed season should be in full force by now – and sure enough, I’ve been sneezing and rubbing my eyes a lot, especially these last few days. I think the ragweed pollen season must be pretty bad this year as I feel awful, while during previous years at least within DC it had been mostly ok. However, the weather sites continue to list ragweed pollen count as “low” – I believe my allergic reactions more than the weather sites, but just wanted to check if I am the only one? Any fellow DC ragweed sufferers at this moment?”

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  • It’s definitely there. The only thing I react to is ragweed, and I’ve been sneezy/nose-runny (I’ve decided that’s a word) the last few days.

  • I wonder if this is my problem. I feel find otherwise, but have been sneezing non-stop for the past couple of days.

  • yes, it’s been bad for me the last 2 weeks!

  • I don’t know what it is that I am allergic to, but for much of the past week to 10 days I have been wrecked by allergies. It’s actually tailed off in the last 48 hours or so though.

  • i’ve been miserable for the past few weeks and my eyes are especially gross feeling today. i’m pregnant so i can’t take the good stuff. normally this time of year i’m on an allegra d and multiple advil cold and sinuses.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Yep, I’ve been feeling it.

  • I don’t have the classic symptoms but I’ve been feeling rundown lately– tired, headachey, unable to think clearly. Could this be allergies?

  • Head pressure.

  • Sneezing like a monster. Runny nose. Stuffy ears/sinus pressure. Red, itchy eyes. All the fun! Probably about a week and a half I have had these symptoms. So no, you’re not alone.

  • As a life-long resident of the D.C. area and a life-long sufferer of ragweed allergies I regret to inform you that they usually kick in around mid-late August and last till the first frost usually. Obviously after those times vary, but pretty much like clockwork every year around the start of school and until sometime in October/November it’s sneeze city. I’ve found that my body has grown immune to Claratin and Allegra so it’s Zyrtec D for me and even then, I’m more sneezy than I should be so that makes me think that no matter what the weather channel/weather people are saying about the pollen count, that it’s actually high.

  • I think I’m suffering from ragweed allergies, but I also have a sore throat and swollen glands. can it cause that too?

  • Me, ragweed, allergy, now? Yep!

  • This is a great site for getting a more realistic picture of local allergen levels:

  • Interesting – I’m super-allergic to ragweed, but not having symptoms this severe yet. Guess those allergy shots are finally working!

    • I have been suffering with allergies since before kindergarden and now at 56 after trying every dr over the counter med and herbal remedy I only seem to be getting worse. If its in the air no matter what it is no matter what I take I get sick does anyone have any feed back to give on allergy shot I would be interested if thay help

  • Yes, I’ve been miserable all week!

  • I also heard mold spores are really high from all the rain this seasons, so I think that’s why my allergies have been worse than usual. ugh!

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