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311 Service Request Locked:

“I have a service request I submitted to 311 online in April. Its status has been “locked” since May. When I call 311, they insist that “locked” means “pending,” but the request is not showing up (as open, closed or overdue) in the 311 mapping application. Anyone have any experience with “locked” service requests?”

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  • I don’t know but I have bulk trash that has now been sitting for more than a week. I call everyday and they assure me that it will be picked up that day, yet the couch still sits.

  • this sounds like someone at 311 not wanting to deal with you and making this up. but I have no idea, just my first reaction!

  • Re-submit it. Sounds like a 311 caseworker “locked it” so that other caseworkers couldn’t edit the request, but they then forgot to resolve it.

  • you shouldn’t have to do this, but email your ANC commissioner and your council member. it will be dealt with.

    Also, Tommy Wells is the chair of the public safety committee (which oversees the Office of Unified Communication, which oversees 311 and 911). And Anita Bonds is the at-large commissioner on it. You could email them.

    • Can we cool it with the first response to any and all minor issue being “email your council member”. Those yahoos are generally worthless enough, we don’t need to be wasting their time with every incredibly minor slight or perceived offense in the city. Emailing them about this is like emailing President Obama because a park ranger was mean to you when you went to Yellowstone.

      Resubmit your service request or have someone else do it to, or here is a shocker, pick up the telephone and call someone.

      I know human contact is waaay passe in the new smartphone world but take my word for it, talking to someone on a phone gets you a lot further in life than does being frustrated at a phone app.

  • 311 has been working really well for me over the past 6 months. I’d posted a half-dozen or so issues such as signs falling over, or stoplights that are poorly aligned to the flow of traffic, and they’re all getting addressed within the week.

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