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  • commercial i take it?
    speaking of commercial, wasn’t there a new restaurant going to open up right around here?

  • Taking the “exposed brick” trend to its logical conclusion?

  • Wait, this is a commercial building? I thought it was going to be apartments… It was blight tax bait for quite a while there. Hopefully someone will make it into something awesome.

    Even more, I hope that the awesomeness of this + Meat & Foods fills the rental across the street from this place, creates momentum for 1700 2nd St (which already looks much better) and causes some savvy developer to buy out B&J BBQ.

  • Wow! Interesting.I looked at this place 3 or 4 months ago when it was going as a rental. No one wanted it, even at a low $1400/month if I recall, because the apartment was split in half, literally, by a common foyer. There was also no AC, washer/dryer, or dishwasher. The real estate agent assured me that only one person lived upstairs and was quiet and kept to himself, so I would be safe and not bothered. I drove by it the next day and 5-6 young kids were drinking beer and smoking cigarettes on the stoop. The large room with the windows was stand alone and the living room, kitchen, and bath were on the other side. Very weird. Hope they turn it into something nice!

  • Not exactly “prime” space. If it were they wouldn’t be offering a years free rent in the listing.

    And $35 a sq/ft for commercial there is future priced, by about $7-10 sf, especially considering there is a commercial place on the adjacent corner asking $27/ft

  • How odd. Looks like they were in the process of flipping it but stopped partway through.

  • I thought this was a joke when I saw the for rent sign… This property has been an eyesore for a long time. Clearly needs a lot of work still… Hope someone can come in and make something great in the corner. Almost all of fl ave in this area is zoned c2a.

  • This won a horses ass award sometime last year

  • devoe

    Total joke, the owners of this building and the one directly across third street oughtta be ashamed of themselves. I guess the owner of this building just figured he/she couldn’t finish the renovations and is looking for someone else to swoop in and finish the job. Meanwhile, across the street the remains of an abandoned concrete deck project continue to rot. Someone with some business sense will rescue the neighborhood from these two clowns – the space is too valuable, but the owners seem to be doing everything possible to make sure that doesn’t happen.

    • 100% agree on the clowns part of your comment. The owner of this building has been pulling “building permits” forever to delay blighted taxes. BUT kudos to the owner for finally realizing that they can’t afford to do anything with this. Do they deserve the extra income because they are smart business people? No. Do I think they have an issue with their ethics and a misplaced sense of neighborhood as a result? YES… but there is a market out there for a building that needs EVERYTHING done to it, and if this owner can get their asking price, fine… so be it. As long as it’s not some shit bag rat motel anymore.

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