Free Coffee For Bike Commuters Going Throught Logan Circle Wed. Morning

1412 Q Street, NW

The Bike Rack’s semi regular free coffee giveaway for bike commuters continues tomorrow morning:

“The Bike Rack is offering free coffee (hot and iced) for bicycle commuters Wednesday morning, September 18th from 7:30 am until approximately 9:00 am. We will be at the corner of 14th and Q, NW handing out free cups of Peregrine coffee as you make your way into work. Look for our banner, stop by and have a cup of joe on us!”

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  • “Throught?” Through you mean.

  • I don’t know if the Bike Rack will see this, but I’ll say it again. Why on Q? Are there that many EB cyclists in the AM? It seems like there are far far more on R Street in the morning. Why not move it up one block?

    • Probably a) because Q is where the store is and b) it’s a pain in the ass to lug a bunch of coffee an extra block just to give it away for free. I assume they get plenty of folks headed down 14th street, don’t they?

  • Argh! If only I biked through Logan Circle on my way to work. Double Argh! because I don’t even drink coffee. When will they give out free tea or hot chocolate? 🙂

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