Found Dog on 600 block of Hamilton St, NW


“35 lb. shephard mix
Found wearing white collar, no tags and not micro-chipped (was checked at WHS this afternoon)
Found approx 2pm on 600 block of Hamilton NW
Extremely sweet dog, very people friendly
Recently neutered (which leads me to expect that there is certainly somebody out there missing him).

If you know this super sweet little guy please email m.elizabethrobinson(at)gmail(dot)com or call the Washington Humane Society.”

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  • If he was recently neutered, he might have been recently adopted from one of the other local shelters. I know you’ve checked WHS, but it might be worth checking with WARL, Lucky Dog, Homeward Trails, and City Dogs Rescue to see if any of them recognize him. He’s a cutie, so good luck.

  • I’m not a dog person, but who couldn’t love that face?? What a cutie, I hope he is found by his person/people soon.

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