Folks Lining Up Down L Street for the new iPhones


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Line outside of Verizon Store in downtown (L Street between 18th and Connecticut), presumably for the new iPhone 5.”

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  • So people are still doing this?

    • I have to say I’m a little surprised too. I don’t doubt that the new iPhone is a nice piece of technology but I find it weird that ordinary people are so excited that they have to wait in line for it.

  • wow people are late to work for this?

    • Eh, maybe, maybe not. This came up during the thread about the Nordstrom grand opening. Lots of people work a schedule other than 9-5. Food service/retail/hospitality workers, for example. Freelancers. And lots of workers at offices in the area have some schedule flexibility. I’m one of them; as long as we put in a full day and get our work done on time, we can arrive anytime within a 8:00-10:00am-ish window, which leaves plenty of time to pop into a store at 9:00 or so and still be at my desk before 10:00. (Not that I did this. Personally, I don’t get the appeal of waiting in line just to be among the first to get something that everyone else will be able to get in the next few days, anyway. But hey, if it floats other people’s boats, why not.)

      • justinbc

        There’s also no mention of what time exactly the photo was taken. Although given Verizon’s notoriously slow customer service it probably took you one to two hours to get checked out once you entered the store.

        • austindc

          Also, I was not late to work, but then I spent an awful lot of time dickin around on PoPville, so I am not sure I can throw a hissy fit about how people spend the hours between 9 and 5.

      • The Nordstrom Rack opening also involved a gift card raffle, so people weren’t just hanging around waiting to get the same crap they could get in Friendship Heights. I’d stand in line for a chance at $100 or $1,000 to spend at Nordstrom Rack – that’s a whole lot of high quality bras right there, and those things get expensive, even when they’re discounted.

  • They must be selling Justin Bieber tickets

  • I’m so excited for my new phone!

    The HTC One I ordered arrives today via FedEx.

    • I am seriously thinking of getting that phone. I need to get to a store and play with it to see if it’s as good in person as it sounds on paper.
      I love Apple products – several generations of iPods, and had an iPhone until I switched to a Droid to get 4g. But I’m not sure the 5s is worth it. The 5 is getting cheaper – Best Buy is offering $100 in store credit if you trade in any working smartphone for an iPhone 5. But I’ve come to like Android more than I thought I would. If it directly interfaced with iPtunes it would be game over.

  • justinbc

    Boost Mobile, beep, where you at?

  • My parents taught me that anything worth getting is also worth waiting for. I think the generation that grew up after me didn’t get this moral. Rushing, following into something blindly is an immature behavior and I guarantee that you will not see any real man in line here, what you see are the man child generation.

  • Is it bad that I’m picturing a line of thugs around the corner ready to steal them from their hands?

  • Truly, this is one of the saddest sights I’ve seen in a long time.

  • I still don’t have a smart phone. I just replaced my six year old flip phone with another non-smart phone, and only did that because it was falling apart. How do I live? The people in that line must know something I don’t.

    • I don’t either, and I’m glad I don’t!

    • May I ask what you got? I need a new phone and all the reviews of non smart phones say they have terrible voice quality, which is all I use my phone for. I don’t care if it is great at texting of will make me toast in the morning, I just need a phone to make phone calls (novel idea, I know).

      • I lived off a Tracfone LG500g for about a year, and it was surprisingly good. Full keyboard for texting. Not bad for $20, I think they’re like $10 now.

      • I got a Samsung Intensity III. There really we’re many options available through Verizon, so I just picked one that seemed to have decent reviews. I don’t talk on the phone that much, so it serves its purpose. Voice quality seems fine to me.

        I ordered it online for in-store pick up. When I went into Union Station to get it, the guy at the Verizon store asked me what model phone I was picking up. I said “Samsung Intensity III.” He started laughing. Bastard.

        • I have an 8-year-old Nokia “candy bar” phone.
          Last time I traveled for business, a 50-something dude in my row made some derisive comment when he saw me take it out after the plane landed.

          • Screw those condescending smart phone users! I had people make snarky comments about my hybrid bike when I recently did my first century ride. I didn’t care, and I finished the ride with no problems. I saw at least two road bike riders walking their bikes uphills as I rode past them.

      • Some company should make a basic phone that looks like a smartphone, so we don’t have to endure the ridicule of the masses when we flip open our phones.

  • I’ve been waiting and waiting to finally update my iphone 4, but there’s no way I’m waiting in line for a phone…or really much of anything for that matter. What difference would it make if you get it in a week?

  • alphatango

    To quote Mr. Nelson Muntz, “Ha-ha!”

  • Funny. Yesterday in Union Station there was an enormous line to get into the new H&M at noon. There was one already open two metro stops away ….

  • apple didn’t do pre-orders for the new iphone this year, thus the long lines.

  • these people have more money than sense. bunch of sketchpads.

  • Here’s a parenting trick, that might apply here: ask the child who desperately wants something, to explain it — in writing, if he can write.

    Everyone will quickly realize it’s just passing, nebulous emotion that drives the want.

  • Alright judgy mcjudgsters, some of us are here because there’s a limited time trade in event that makes this the best opportunity to get a new phone for bargain basement price ($30 with upgrade eligibility, new 2 year plan and turning in a cracked but functional 4s). Look away, if it offends you so.

    • nope, i think we will just carry on judging because your ideas are dumb and Im so cool and people like me and i dont just belittle other people on the internet because i have my own CRIPPLING INSECURITIES. I HATE YOU I HATE YOU AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IPHONES

    • WOW, Apple did it again. Limits stock even though they have been planning this release for months. Limits purchase options even though they have been planning for months. Makes users wait in line like in the earlier days with exclusive trade in program. Creates news worthy media publicity by making users stand in line and camp overnight.

    • Except that you don’t have to stand in line to do the trade-in. Verizon sent me an email about it a week or so ago and I’m doing it online… Of course if you want a new phone today you do have to stand in-line.

  • I walked by at 7:30 this morning and the line was already down the block. I had no idea what was going on, which shows what I know! I’m fine with holding onto my 4S until my upgrade hits in March, and by then who knows what version will be out!

    • justinbc

      The 5S will still be the most current iPhone release in March. They rarely release more than one model per year, and the earliest indications of a 6 are for early summer 2014 (and even that’s just mostly speculation).

  • When the iPhone 5 came out, I pre-ordered it and it arrived at my doorstep at around 9am on the day that everybody was waiting in line. But if standing in line for hours is your thing, then hey, more power to you.

  • C’mon PoPville. Let other people enjoy themselves. Once in a while it’s fun to join the buzz and wait in line to see a movie on opening night or go to the Mall for inauguration even though you could see it better on TV or watch the big game at a bar even though you have cheaper beer at home. New iphone releases might not be as exciting as they used to be (if they ever were), but if people get a kick out of waiting in line for one and they’ve got the time to do it, I don’t see why we need to be so judgy.

  • I wonder if the line was longer than the one for the free dildo giveaway a few months back?

  • I will be upgrading from the 4 but waiting till Monday. Just walked by (12:30) and there are still people in line outside.

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