Fido & Kitty’s World Opens Tuesday the 17th in Petworth

4130 Georgia Avenue, NW

Fido & Kitty’s World opens on Tuesday. Thanks to a reader for sending the update:

“Finally our neighborhood pet store will officially Open Tuesday 17th. The place looks great. we need new businesses in Petworth. Lets show our appreciation by welcoming and supporting them. Great addition….”



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  • Great! I’ll be there tomorrow!

  • How cool! I really like what they did with the back. I live only about three blocks away so expect to be going there alot! Great addition to the neighborhood.

  • binpetworth

    Peeked in the window this weekend and it looks clean and well-stocked. Can’t wait to check it out!

  • My dog and I will so be there.. this is great!!

  • We went there yesterday and they were open. They did a soft opening. We met Samar who owns the place. She is very nice, but also seemed very nervous and overwhelmed. She doesn’t carry the brand of dog food we feed our boys (Hill’s Science Diet) but is very open to altering her product line based on customer preferences so please share your thoughts with her. We told her we would buy the food there if she started carrying it. The back is very nice and our boys enjoyed christening it. 🙂

  • This is fantastic news! Hope they carry the higher quality foods (can’t exactly tell from the photo, but looks like they might). Wish them well and will definitely be in to support them!

  • Well executed. They really did a great job transforming this place. Five star!!!!

  • Just returned from Fido & Kitties world and had a relaxing buying experience and the owner Samar is extremely helpful. A great neighborhood store to buy dog and cat supplies after stopping at Annie’s Hardware around the corner.

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