District Flea Kicked Off on Saturday at 945 Florida Ave, NW near the 9:30 Club

Photo courtesy of District Flea

From District Flea:

“Hello DC! The District Flea is very excited to announce its opening this fall in the U Street Corridor. A collaboration between local vendors and the people that started the Brooklyn Flea, our market will feature antique and repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles and antiques, as well as a tightly curated selection of jewelry, art, and crafts by artisans from in and around DC, New York, Baltimore, and Philly. And of course, delicious fresh food! We’ll be open every Saturday from September 14th – October 19th, 10 AM to 5 PM. At 945 Florida Avenue, NW.”

Photo courtesy of District Flea

Thanks to all the readers who wrote in about it. Anyone else check it out?

Photo courtesy of District Flea

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  • it was a beautiful day and a good turnout. I was hoping for a little more art and jewelry – and a little less vintage clothing – but it was very good overall. I hope they will come back in the spring after the fall phase is over – maybe with even more vendors.

  • I dropped by right around 10 AM and spent about an hour and a half shopping. Lots of cool vendors I hadn’t seen before at other flea markets, some from outside the DC area. Great coffee from Vigilante (though the hand-pour setup was a little too slow for the traffic they were getting!) and tacos from Chaya. Looking forward to trying some of the other food stalls next weekend.

    I also have to put in a plug for Barefoot Dwelling– they sold me a teak credenza from them for a really good price, and even dropped it off at my apartment for free later that evening!

    • I just had Vigilante’s cold brew for the first time on Sunday at Eastern Market. Stuff is gooooooood.

      How was this flea market in comparison to the Sunday one at Georgetown, the Saturday one at Courthouse, or the Sat/Sun one at Eastern Market?

  • Anyone else go to this? What did you think? Kinda thought most of the goods there were fairly useless and there weren’t enough food options. Food was yummy though.

  • big change from the flea market that used to be at Florida and U… where you could go to buy back all the shit that people stole. glad those fuckers are gone.

  • hispanicandproud

    Can’t wait to go see all the junk!

  • I stopped by after a great trip to our regular DC gem “Rough n’ Ready” where all of us scored some great finds. This was not bad at all. Seemed like 100 food trucks with long lines, so I skipped all that. For an oldster – a bit too much homogenous white hipster vibe – but I recognize the new demographics. Lots of vintage clothes – (if you are size 8 and like polyester) some industrial chic stuff. Very few real flea market type things – (cool old stuff at good price) – but I did find a pair of metal nesting tables – in filthy, crappy rusty nasty condition – but of the exact size I’d been looking for for a long time to sit over the box of kitty litter – for only $10.00.

    Eastern Market is way better for variety of crafts, jewelry, flea market stuff, but this is closer to my house so I’ll give it another chance.

  • I thought it was pretty cool. We moved very near this area a few months ago and had no idea this was happening until we walked out our door to go to the 17th St Festival. We ended up going to this first and thought it was more fun. A lot of hipsters though. Not that that’s a bad thing.

  • I thought it was great! About half of the booths’ stuff was overpriced (to be expected) but half of them were pretty reasonable. A lot of the vendors were down from NYC, so it will be nice to see more-DC vendors in the mix as it matures.

  • A little underwhelming. The poboys were delicious and fresh. I went to look for a desk and not much was there when it came to furniture. Clothes were too expensive. Some of the stands were kind of ridiculous. Homemade granola for 8 bucks a bag??? Will go back for a poboy and possibly pill box hat one day.

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