District Fishwife Applies for Liquor License in Union Market

1309 5th Street, NE

Yesterday we learned Union Market was continuing their outdoor drive-in movie series and today comes more good news. District Fishwife applies for a liquor license:

“Retail Fish and Shellfish Market with prepared foods for consumption within the market menu items such as fish & chips, fried calamari and seafood salad. Seating capacity 25 and total load occupancy of 50. Summer garden 50 seats.”

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  • justinbc

    Nice! Love a beer with my fish n chips.

  • This is quickly becoming the preeminent food court in Washington, DC. Until now I think [email protected] Place was definitely the best food court. But a fish-monger with a liquor license? Suck it, [email protected] Place, you’re second best now!

  • Are there plans to turn the rest of this area into an actual market again? I love the food court, but it would be great to be able to shop for all weekly groceries there in addition to grabbing specialty items or a beer – the selection and price point just doesn’t permit that at the moment.

    • justinbc

      They have produce, dairy, meat, spice, and bread vendors, and soon to be fish as well. What else are you looking for from a market that you can’t find?

      • “selection and price point”

        Outside of Harvey’s and the bread it’s a bust (and Harvey’s is still expensive on average, but the prices are justified by the quality, not overpriced like Whole Foods or similar). Red Apron is good, but expensive. The veg/fruit stand is a joke, crappy selection and terrible prices; as someone mentioned, since they don’t post prices everything you buy seems to end up $15. I’m sure they are ripping some people off. Trickling Springs is very nice, but again: expensive and you can get their milk everywhere these days. How often do you shop for spices and pickles? Those are not daily shopping trip items. I’m guessing the fish monger will be very nice, but probably expensive. Which is fine, because outside of Maine Ave we don’t even have any good cheap fish mongers in the city!

        • justinbc

          So basically you just want the prices lower (because you’re even listing more things that are available than I did)? I don’t really see that happening ever.

    • If you walk out of Union Market and start heading southwest, you’ll find a plethora of vendors at your disposal. Fruits! Vegetables! Fish! Meats! THEY’VE GOT IT ALL!

      There’s an entire other market out there that needs your business to stay open! Caribbean Crescent halal meats has a great selection and will cut to order. The Mexican Fruit stand has phenomenally low prices and a wide selection; they’re open all week and into the evenings as well. “Anonymous,” you might be thinking, “those places aren’t pretty at all, like Union Market!” Sure enough, some are downright ugly. And the people shopping there (myself included) are probably uglier than you’re used to. But we aren’t mean, and we won’t bite (hard, ha ha ha!). BUT SERIOUSLY — Go try the Thai fish place, the halal butcher, or the new butcher that opened up. Go to Sam Wang Produce. Sure they got shut down briefly for having an abundance of rat shit on the floor, but you wash your vegetables before you eat them anyway, right? And no one who didn’t deserve it ever got Plague from eating rat-shit covered veggies. Enjoy your salad!

      • There’s also this Italian place called Litteri’s, but it’s really kinda small and cramped. You’re better off with a can of Hunt’s Tomato Paste and some Barilla Bigotoni.

      • This. I avoid Union Market because it’s an overpriced, twee-tastic facsimile of the real deal on the next block over. Fresh, healthy, and cheap market selections are quite literally around the corner. Most of the food you consume at all the fancy restaurants on 14th Street comes from the cheap market places next door to Union Market.

        • what ever union market is, it certainly isn’t “twee”.

        • most of the food at union market is cooked food. have you been there?
          the smokery is fantastic.
          the empenadas are inexpensive
          the coffeeshop is great
          rappahanocks oysters are inexpensive and great.

          i don’t think the haters have really explored this place. is it perfect? no. but it’s way better than the market that was there before and has brought many more people to the area. hell, it may be because of union market that the other businesses can stay due to increased foot traffic.

        • +1. It keeps the annoying, skinnyjeans crowd out of the real market.

      • whats the thai fish place? i haven’t been there.

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