Dear PoPville – What’s Going on with the Former ‘Goins’ Building?

Georgia and Shepherd St, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Do you know what’s going on with the construction site at Shepherd and Georgia? The building on that corner was demolished earlier this summer, and all of the debris was removed. After that the construction equipment went away and now there’s just a big hole with no signs of new construction. Are there plans for a new building? Any idea when they will start building?”

The folks behind the project, PERS Development, tell me they are “looking to break ground in the next 30-45 days. We are excited and look forward to this great project. It’s going to be a cool building!” This will become the the Fahrenheit Condos.

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  • I thought they were planning to keep the shell of the original building – did something change, or am I mistaken?

    • I thought they were as well. Shame because that wan’t an unattractive building, just needed some serious TLC. On another note, what do they do with all those bricks and trim. I wanted to hop over the fence so many times to get some of those original touches.

  • I walk by this site almost every day and there has been no progress in months.

    • I used to think developers were crazy for letting stuff like this happen. Then I started the process of getting my house renovated and learned a thing or two about architects, permitting delays, and contractor availability.

  • SoooOOOOooo HAWT!

  • I love to see new development in Petworth. Lets hope it spurs more…

  • Looks like its Goins, Goins, Gone!
    yuk yuk

  • Wasn’t there something about a 30 unit building and retail, but NO parking…

  • Vann-Di Gallaway, the ANC commissioner sent this out on the list serve on Aug. 12: “Pers Development is building the Fahrenheit Condos located at the former location of Goin’s Restaurant at Georgia Avenue and Shepherd Street, NW. Initially, we (neither my predecessor, nor I, nor the Petworth Action Committee) were not notified of the plans for the site. We were not notified prior to the razing of the building. We were not notified when part of Shepherd Street was closed off. We not notified when the sidewalk in front of the site facing Georgia Avenue was closed. Pers will attend the ANC 40C meeting on Wednesday, 14 August in the Petworth Library at 6:30 PM to discuss the 31 unit condo they plan to build. Please note that they only plan on providing four parking spaces in total. I encourage all to attend our monthly ANC meeting if you have questions or concerns. Since the site currently consist of a large hole in the ground, I asked for a rodent abatement plan.”

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