Dear PoPville – DC Charges You to Conduct Evening Noise Inspections?


“Dear PoPville,

The building across the street from my apartment has a malfunctioning A/C unit that can be heard through our closed windows. I had a noise inspection performed, and it barely passed (due to the automatic decibel deductions that are built into the law). However, it would probably fail a nighttime inspection (the AC runs 24/7 and the nighttime decibel limit is lower). However the inspector, who was apologetic, informed me that it is now DC policy that any nighttime inspections have to be paid for by the resident requesting it (i.e. me). Is this really DC policy? I guess I was mistaken when I thought my taxes plus a budget surplus would actually allow the city to enforce the laws on its own. What’s next – having to whip out the credit card if I call the cops after 9PM?”

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  • I would say you pay for it if it is bothering you so much. Why go through more hell?

  • dcra has been advised of this and should be responding soon.

  • This sounds wrong to me. Sounds like a shakedown.

  • How much was the fee? Seems reasonable to assess a fee for conducting a specialized and I’m guessing lightly requested inspection outside of normal business hours

  • I’ve dealt with DCRA in the past and haven’t heard of the fee before. I would call DCRA and ask for more information. I find that it is difficult to get them to respond to noise investigations.

  • This is either a poorly run scam or a super lazy inspector. There is no fee for noise inspections at any time. DCRA doesn’t do them at night anyway – MPD does.

  • I apologize for any misunderstanding/miscommunication. DCRA does not charge for nighttime noise inspections. Please contact me at stephanie dot reich at dc dot gov directly if you would like. Stephanie Reich, Deputy Chief of Staff, DCRA.

  • This is nothing that can’t be solved by the new traffic cameras. Apparently they do much more than get people for speeding.

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