DDOT Warns of Rough Rush Hour Commute Tonight

Photo by PoPville flickr user jlgriffiths


“PLAN AHEAD FOR REDSKINS HOME GAME ON MON. SEPT. 9 – Drivers Should Prepare for Extended Evening Commute”

Kickoff is at 6:55 PM tonight. Here’s to hoping we see a healthy RG3!!

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  • Football is the worst!

  • Not a complaint specific to rush hour, but has anyone else noticed the timing of the lights on Mass between 3rd and 4th NW at the entrance to 395? The lights are exactly opposite one another, so only about 5 cars can get through each cycle. It’s maddening!

    • The lights on South Dakota to 50/295 have been switched too. What a pain! It’s adding at least 10 extra minutes to my morning commute 🙁

    • Yes – I’ve noticed the same thing in the morning going westbound for the past year (i.e. leaving the city) only 3-4 cars are able to go at a time (causing a backup all the way past North Capitol and almost to 4th St. NE some mornings…

    • DDOT also seems to have altered the timing of CT Ave lights south of Dupont circle. Now it’s a forced stop at every almost every block between H and N Streets. Very counter-intuitive to the notion of traffic efficiency, but in line with the Department’s apparent war on cars.

    • And on 22nd to go around the Lincoln Memorial, during the evening rush hour. Only about 3 cars per light get through.

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