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  • Very cool.

  • How busy is the Coupe later in the night? Would it be a good choice to get a very late dinner after a long show? Sometime between 11 and midnight? Is there anywhere else someone would recommend?

    • I have been there twice, late night and both times it has taken a very long time. Getting the order taken is never the issue. It is the waiting over an hour for some eggs and grits at 3am that is the point of contention.

    • I’ve been to the Coupe a few times at night and I’ve never seen it crowded.

    • I’m a late night food vulture, as well. Especially on Sunday or Monday nights when places are dead.

      Satellite Room, next to the 930 Club, has their kitchen open until 1am Sunday to Thursday, and until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights. And it’s the full menu, too.

      Another great late night food spot – especially when I have friends here on business who are getting into the city at 1130pm – is the Old Ebbit. I think they serve the full menu until 1am, 7 days per week.

      • Thanks all for the advice. We don’t usually eat that late, so I’d like it to be fun. What I’d really like is to return to the Au Pied de Cochon of my youth, in the late eighties/early nineties. Since that won’t happen without a time machine, maybe I’ll try the Satellite Room.

        • YES! I remember Au Pied de Cochon when I first moved here from undergrad. I often think, we are missing late night eats like that in this town.

  • It looks nice, but given how terribly difficult it is for Coupe’s servers to remember your table when it’s in their line of vision, I fear you’d be forgotten entirely sitting outside.

  • I was there the other day and our server said they were about to switch over to their Fall menu.

  • I keep wanting to like this place, but it’s not happening.

  • Despite promises by owner – the food has never improved since it opened last Fall.

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