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  • the side looks ugly to me, but overall i like it.

  • I think it’s unique without being obtrusive

  • Wow! I was just at the dog part 2 weekends ago. They are moving quickly on that face lift.

  • I think that the increasingly smaller floor/change in material as the building goes up do make the size of it seem much smaller than it likely is. The developer/architect could have maximized the internal space and put (or not) teeny tiny “balconies” but instead designed it this way which is more neighborhood friendly and gives them a bigger and more private outdoor space than a useless balcony hanging over the sidewalk.

    What is interesting is that the kept some of the lines of the pink house continued one and made the bottom stories mirror those as well. Looks like someone put in a little bit more effort (unlike that monstrosity that looks like a cyclops).

  • That is one hot toaster! At least it will be warm in the Winter.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I think I like it, but who knows what the finished product will be like.

  • Will this be condos or Apartments?

  • justinbc

    That’s got to be one massive complex. Huge pay day coming for someone.

  • my guess is about 10 small condos that will go for $500K

  • Hope they do more to get the interior to match the other houses on the street as they finish up. Good job setting back the upper floors to preserve natural light on the sidewalk out front.

  • As pop-ups go, this is not too bad. Which isn’t saying much. The streetscape has unquestionably been diminished. Streetview “3323 11th street northwest”.

    Re ET’s comments, the developer did not take care to extend elements from the houses to the north. These were two of six more-or-less identical siblings built together in 1912. So ET is just pointing out the similar characteristics that the developer did not remove. It appears that a layer of stucco has been spread over the brick as a final insult to these old houses.

  • It looks like the metal facade will stay, but unless it’s cleaned frequently, it’s going to look like crap from all the smog.

  • Behold, the design innovation of the free market.

    • What is your point, crin? Do you know what the Federal Government tried to do to our city? Life isn’t either/or, but if it’s anything close, you’d better hold fast to the Free Market. Unless of course you think you’ll be doing the commanding in the Command Economy.

  • I like it a lot.
    I think it’s good illustration that a pop-up can be interesting and attractive. See, a pop-up doesn’t have to represent the end of civilized society, as so many Popvillians seem to feel. I think the stucco is a far greater offense to the neighborhood design, but I don’t even like to see brick painted.

  • The developer is http://www.urbanfocusre.com they have a track record of doing great work in DC neighborhoods

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