Bistro Le Zinc Space Bought by Owners of Bistrot Lepic, Will Become La Piquette This Fall

3714 Macomb Street, NW

In late July we learned that Bistro Le Zinc had closed at 3714 Macomb Street, NW just off Wisconsin Ave. Washington Business Journal reports on the new owners:

“The owners of Bistrot Lepic in Glover Park have purchased the business and plan to open La Piquette in the space later this fall.”

Any fans of Bistrot Lepic located at 1736 Wisconsin Ave, NW? You can see their menus here.

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  • Uhm, what’s the corkage fee going to be in a restaurant named “the shitty wine”? Piquette is french slang for bad, sour wine.

    • Actually it’s defined by the EU as “the product obtained by the fermentation of untreated grape marc macerated in water; or by leaching fermented grape marc with water,” and further “may be used only for distillation or
      for consumption in the families of individual wine-growers.”
      Council Regulation 1493/1999, 1999 OJ (L179) 1.

  • The Cleveland Park area is in for a wonderful treat. Bistrot Le Pic is a delightful restaurant with consistently good food paired with a thoughtful wine cellar. I am convinced that the owners new location will be every bit as satisfying.

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