Beer Prices Lowered at Shaw’s Tavern

520 Florida Avenue, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am that shaws tavern has lowered their beer prices down to a reasonable level. I know dc is expensive and I’m not one to complain about it, but when I saw shaws beer prices were way out of line with similar locales, it pissed me off.

So, I am so excited that their prices are good now, and happy hour draft beers are still $2 off!

I specifically remember that Boston lager was $7, magic hat was $9, and pbr was $5. Now they are all cheaper!”


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  • They didn’t do this out of the goodness of their hearts …

  • Cue the commenters stating how they can drink a six pack at home of these prices (which to me are the norm for DC now).

  • Bar charging $5 for PBR? You’re gonna have a bad time.

  • The food was really mediocre the first time I ate there, and I haven’t been back. These new beer prices aren’t going to bring me back, either.

  • Very disappointed in their burger. Do like the late night happy hour deals and relatively standard beer prices.

  • Stopped in for a snack the other night on my way to a party with a friend… yummy mac & cheese and hush puppies! There was also some good music playing and just generally a good vibe.

  • It’s about time they lowered their prices. The only time I haven’t felt ripped off was when they had the $25 for $50 groupon.

    Also, PBR tallboys have always been $4. There was one revision of their menu that took it off, but then a week later it was back on.

    • Also, they must really be struggling to keep traffic coming through the door. Don’t they have a 3pm comedy brunch with a cover?

  • Well that’s slightly encouraging. The old prices were ridiculous. Also, when several of my friends wrote Yelp reviews they received very snakry replies from the management saying that their prices were on par with other comparable DC restaurants and that they “needed to keep the lights on”. The food there is hit or miss, but I’d still give the place another shot.

    • austindc

      They need to get their priorities straight then. I would rather they lose the lights, fill us with reasonably priced beer, and then let a bunch of drunk people just kind of swarm around in the dark.

  • justinbc

    Hooray, now they’re only moderately overpriced rather than severely.

    • Ah, but consider the cleverness of this ploy. Set the prices ridiculously high so people feel they’re getting a deal when you lower them to merely “overpriced” levels.

  • So funny to see this! I was there just a couple of weeks ago and told the waiter the beers were way overpriced and ended up with the $3 PBR special instead. $9 for a draft beer of any quality is still off the charts if you ask me!

  • We just had dinner there the other night! I didn’t have high expectations since their Yelp reviews were kind of rough, but the food was good, they had interesting cocktails and it was a fun, laid back place.

  • Ha, maybe yelp reviews DO have a (positive) impact!

  • Please don’t let the same folks run the Firehouse restaurant. Please please please.

  • Shaws Tavern is a terrible establishment. Way over priced for absolutely terrible food.

  • Why do people hate on Shaw’s so much? I live around the block and go there pretty often. It’s usually doing a brisk trade, and the food has never been bad. In fact, I think it’s pretty solid for bar fare. The service we get is also pretty good.

    I will admit that the beer prices were ridic for the neighborhood–scratch that, they were ridic. Period.

    Now it’s much more reasonable. I’ll probably stop in more often.

    • i agree… and also live around the block. this isn’t a Jose Andres establishment… pretty simple, but pretty solid bar food. the place always seems to be packed at meal times. Everyone’s a critic huh?

  • Cheaper yes, but still fifty cents to a dollar more expensive than high-end places in town. I think they need to sharpen their pencils, personally.

  • That’s still really expensive.

    Yes, I DO stay at home and drink six packs for cheaper than that.

    But when I don’t I go to DC Reynolds for like $3 pints of the same stuff.

    • I’ll take “somewhat expensive but comparable to similar places in DC” over “crazily overpriced” any day.

      I, for one, am glad they have finally listened to all of the complaints and have made the beer prices at least somewhat reasonable. I do love a six pack on my couch, but sometimes I want to go out and be among the people.

  • And up the road in Bmore, they look at us with a mix of pity and confusion while drinking $2 Natty Bohs and pints of craft beer that usually fall in the $5 range.

  • If I went to a place in Shaw that had the temerity to charge $5 for a PBR and went up to $9 for a Magic Hat (yes, you can in fact get a six-pack of that for less than $9, and yes, I would prefer to drink that at home with my friends than in a public place at a 600% premium … or more likely I’d go drink $12-15 craft cocktails somewhere else), I’d just leave the wait staff a $5 tip and walk out before I ordered anything. No place that is oriented around alcohol sales should want that to be a gut-level reaction of its potential customer base. And I’m (luckily) at a point in life where I can get drunk where I choose and while drinking what I want, without jeopardizing my ability to pay bills, so it’s not like I’m the most price-sensitive of consumers. Good on this change, I guess, but what were they thinking in the first place?

  • Shaw’s Tavern is one of the worst places in town. Awful service, ridiculously overpriced mediocre to terrible food, and a long line of people waiting to get in ahead of you to boot.

    This has been a place for people with more money than taste since it opened. It epitomizes everything that’s wrong with DC dining– all glitter and no guts.

    • I don’t know. When it first opened I went and didn’t really like what I had. But I tried it again after a few months, and since then I’ve been back 5 or 6 times and each time I’ve enjoyed my meal. Their new breakfast/brunch is great too. As are the atmosphere and live music. And the Irish festival they hosted was fantastic, I hope they do it every year. I think they just had a rought start but have been making good improvements ever since.

  • DC CapHill

    All booze in this town are way too expensive. I don’t want to help pay your rent, I want a reasonable price for a beer or shot, regardless whether it’s “good” or not. Whenever I see HH “specials” that are $6 Sam Adams, $6 shot of Jameson, I cross that place off my list. Do you know what Jameson goes for, from a distributor? They should be giving it away, with every beer you buy. Hell, a 6er of DC Brau, notoriously one of the least expensive craft beers, thanks to being sensible, are still about $14 retail. What’s it cost on average at a bar, $7? Joke City, USA.

    “If” I ever win the Powerball, I’m going to set aside a chunk of money, and run an essentially not-for-profit booze joint, where a patron can pay $1 for a bottle of PBR, or $2 for a Jameson. That’s more inline at least with what retail is, and people wouldn’t feel violated any time they want to relax and have a beer or two after yet another shitty day at work. If I only stay open 6 months, so be it, it’ll be a great 6 months for DC drinking history!

    • Yeah, but when you buy retail you’re not also buying everything that goes along with getting it in a bar/restaurant (e.g., rent, salaries, insurance, etc). If you want it at retail (or better) prices, that’s where you’ll have to get it.

      • As long as DC restaurateurs are able to operate 3-10 restaurants at a time as absentee managers, it will remain obvious to me that DC consumers are willing to pay too much for too little.

    • good luck with that

  • Funny thing about all the haters on Shaws Tavern: if that space was still VACANT you’d just be bitching about THAT! I don’t feel strongly one way or the other as to whether its a good place, but I DO like that its a local establishment that’s doing good business. I’m sure they will improve on the food and service over time…so for now, cool your heels and be glad it’s NOT the N Cap Firehouse or anyone of those awesome vacant storefronts in and around Shaw

  • I usually give people a hard time about posting negative comments, but I have to jump on the bandwagon here because this is literally one of the worst places out there. Every time I have been, I have had a horrible experience. Most of the staff is terrible, the food is even worse and they sell craft beer not because they promote the ideology of craft beer/better living, but because they view the neighborhood as one giant Mark with tons of expendable cash to waste on overpriced brew. Long story short, the beers are still overpriced for what you get (bad service/environment). Just another boring place with no flavor to dump your hard-earned money. Bring back One Drop!

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