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  • Beautiful space, the food was good, if a little overpriced, but there was nothing distinct about it. I just hope its replacement is nice and not some touristy schlock.

  • Blithe

    Oh Noooooo! This was one of my favorite restaurants and favorite spaces in DC. For many years, this is where my family celebrated special occasions, did “ladies lunches”, and took guests from out of town. The sweet potato pie with pecan topping was happily shared; and the ‘swamp thing” was yummy. I also enjoyed the jazz, the soaring spaces, and the comfortable vibe. Bummer. I’ll miss this place!

  • Wow, that came out of nowhere. I always enjoyed their brunch. The service could be hit-or-miss.

  • This place was quite popular with the “after church” brunch crowd on Sundays. It was also usually fairly busy right after work. I’m honestly surprised that it closed.

    I wonder if they got a massive rent increase? 20 years would sync up with the expiration of a second 10-year commercial lease.

  • B. Smith’s was never one of my favorites. It was definitely overpriced for such unimpressive food.

  • I liked B. Smith’s. Way more than Georgia Brown’s, so I know whose restaurant recommendations not to take in these comment section streets. LOL.

  • Aww I’ve had some great times here for their sunday brunch with family. Last time I was there I took a photo with B. Smith herself who frequented the place, always with a smile. Food was good but expensive. Such a shock, it’s been sort of a landmark WITHIN a landmark for such a long time. They got a lot of business so maybe they were forced out?

  • Forgot that the place was even still there. Hadn’t been there since meeting up with friends after Obama’s inauguration. I thought the food was pretty mediocre. Really kind of another “end of era” passing though.

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