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  • but why’s it written in English?

  • Today’s advert is tomorrows cool antique sign?

  • andy

    I think it should have been a giant ad for chewing tobacco or medicinal syrups. Paint it on, then mostly sandblast it back off.

  • brookland_rez

    Did they put that on there because their office is there? If so, then it’s their right to put their company logo up.

  • put some wheels on that car – seriously

  • From the link, it looks like that’s where their offices are. I have no problem with telling people where your offices are.

  • Really?!?!
    It doesn’t even look centered…

  • Strange location for an Auto Alliance office given that the intersection is best visited by foot, bike, or transit, but I don’t mind the sign. I was in eastern Europe recently and it seemed like every office announced their location with a sign on the exterior of buildings in commercial districts. There were some old, stately buildings with 15-20 signs plastered on them advertising each occupant.

    • Not wild about it, but I don’t hate it either. At least the colors are subtle enough (imagine it in yellow with black shadows!) and the typeface isn’t hideous. It looks like the H Street side is centered between the building corner and the Chinatown Gate.

      I also find it amusing that they’re set up right at the 7th & H Barnes Dance, aka the most pedestrian-friendly intersection in DC.

  • That’s the best I’ve seen that building looking in my lifetime.

    • yeah, thats how i feel. i don’t like the sign, but the corner is looking so much better i dont really car. i still can’t believe its been fixed up.

  • So we have an historical preservation law that makes developers save the facades of bland, work-a-day, non-contributing buildings (see discussion re: Louis14 – http://www.popville.com/2013/09/dear-popville-why-save-this-facade/) yet can’t prevent a commercial advertisement for an organization whose technology didn’t even exist at the time this historic building was constructed? Glad we saved the old El Paraiso, now let’s tart it up with garish signs for FaceBook and LivingSocial! Also – hey Auto Alliance folks, try hiring someone other than an intern using WordArt to make your logo.

    • Logo looks way better on their website.

    • you understand the difference between architecture and a painted sign, right?

      • Yes. And I also understand the difference between contextual appropriateness and shitty advertising. As an example Madame Tussauds had to jump through innumerable hoops to install a sign that actually resembles something that would have been on top of that building when it was built. This group apparently gets to paint its two-bit logo onto a building that has been around since the mid 19th C. If, for whatever reason, we’re committed to historical preservation, I think that should include keeping anachronistic visual blight off of restored facades.

        • Preservation is not just about recreating a bulding as it looked the moment it was new. Later eras in its life can be as important, or more important in its story than its beginning. For instance, it’s more important to restore Ford’s Theater to its appearance in 1865 than to 1833 when it was first constructed. So, it may well be that in the history of the 7th & H Sts. building, painted advertisements for the tenants were an important part of its identity, in which case it can be more appropriate to have the new sign there than to not have one at all.

        • i don’t think you understand the difference.

          also, if you don’t want to see “anachronistic visual blight” you should just avoid chinatown altogether. mkay?

          but i bet a part of you actually likes being annoyed by things, right?

  • It seems very strange that a bunch of auto industry goons who would probably outlaw public transportation, bicycles and walking if they could, would locate in such a car-unfriendly spot.

  • “Anachronistic visual blight” – I am so eager to say this in a smarmy smart conversation soon!

  • Emmaleigh504

    I kind of like it, it has a retro feel to it.

  • Between “a nice touch” and “just another ad,” I’d say “just another ad.”
    I don’t mind their not being centered left-to-right so much, but they’re not centered top-to-bottom either.

  • is that car flying? where are the wheels?

  • I think it looks OK. Adding it in Chinese would also be a nice touch. More interesting, I think, is the fact that the huge LCD screens are going finally going up on the side of the Verizon Center. DC’s Times Square!

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