Anyone Go To Adams Morgan Day on Sunday?


I got one report that there were some vendor arguments but when I stopped by things were running smoothly. And my overall experience was quite positive. I caught some good tunes and had a delicious samosa from Jyoti. There seemed to be a bit fewer folks than previous years (which was a good thing) and with the good weather and good music – I felt there was a very positive vibe. Anyone else stop by?


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  • yummy food from jyoti, lots of people supporting local businesses and wonderful weather. was a great day for the festival!

  • I was there. Agree about the good vibe. Not sure if there were less people than in prior years or if the layout allowed for more room on the western side of the street so people could spread out more.

  • I agree that the intelligent layout this year made the crowd much more bearable. A very mellow day, unlike recent years; didn’t stay long but left wishing I had more time to linger (unusual for me!)

    Did anyone else catch the Eminence Band? I was Wow-ed, but can’t find anything about them.

  • A few of us checked it out, the new layout made everything way more pleasant. Ugly Purple Sweater played a great set, saw some amazing slam poetry at the southern end, and a great hip-hop show by a huge group we couldn’t remember the name of, sadly. Wish we were hungry, because the food all smelled amazing, especially from the local vendors. I’d say it was a huge success.

  • I was out there volunteering with my church (Northwest Community Church) giving out water and lemonade. Lots of friendly folks stopped to chat, and it was great to see the broad sweep of DC’s citizens all participating in the festival.

  • What an amazing Adams Morgan Day! It was so much better this year than in years’ past. The music was fantastic! I loved the local vibe of the musicians. And the businesses seemed much busier this year and more engaged in the festival. I saw The Dead Women, Ugly Purple Sweater and Paperhaus play for free–three if my favorite bands–so I left very, very happy. Also, I think the festival organizers were smart to not have all those meat-on-a-stick vendors. One or two is enough.

  • I went, and agree that it was a good turnout and a good mellow vibe throughout. The bands sounded good. The food also looked good, but it was too hot for me to eat anything, unfortunately.

  • pablo .raw

    I had a great time, took lots of photos of course 🙂 Music was great, I was impressed with Mad as a Hatter but all the bands were great. I noticed that all the stages had lots of people enjoying the music, even the karaoke got some great singers!
    Rant: Lemonade = $5.00, Sodas = $2.00 ????

  • I went and can ‘amen’ with other posters that it didn’t seem jam-packed (in a good way!) and I liked the layout where the west side of 18th street was clear for those who didn’t want to amble and check out booths.

  • I volunteered in the morning helping vendors get in and set up. This is my first year volunteering for AMD, but it was a disaster. Volunteers were given no information. Vendors couldn’t get access to 18th Street because they were never told where to enter and cops blocked off all the streets waiting for volunteers to check in vendors (which was news to all volunteers). Also, some vendors got to their designated spots only to realize that the spot had already been taken.

    From what I understand, an individual in charge of some of the bands contacted key city councilmembers complaining about the mess.

    That being said, the vendors I spoke with later in the evening vented but were happy with the days results.

  • I walked down 18th around 4pm and it was jam packed. My dog and I had to bail out around Kalorama. But it seemed well-run and people were having a good time.

  • I walked through at the end of the festival and it seemed pretty mellow. Good turn out but not packed, and none of the past simmering hostility between the various festival goers. Police presence seemed heavy, but kept at a respectful distance. At one point I chatted with a developer for the 17th/Euclid hotel and was amazed to find out the project is still delayed! Apparently there’s now a court case filed by one of the anti-hotel group that seeks to overturn the BZA ruling that construction can proceed. Why do some people have to be such sore losers? Ugh.

    • One of those guys assured me that they would break ground this year, as soon as the case is settled (thrown out??). I’m hoping that’s not crazy optimism and is in fact true. I just don’t understand people who want to single handedly bring progress to a halt. If you’re going it alone that should say something to you.

      • The people fighting the hotel have hired an attorney who has the reputation of being a bit of an ambulance chaser. I’m sure this will all be solved with a monetary settlement…which speaks volumes about the folks fighting the hotel.

        • So this is some kind of shakedown? Aside from getting away from the obvious headaches and delays the developers have had to endure by the anti-hotel crowd abusing the zoning system, why should they be forced to pay for some kind of “settlement”? Seems more like a protection racket to me.

  • the music seemed much better this year

  • the food seemed even more lackluster this year. agree that jyoti was good, but not many other storefronts opted to set up in front of their restaurant and serve quick bites.

  • Huge improvement over years past. The layout and the music were planned much better this year. Also, it seemed like there a lot more people visiting the businesses so maybe that’s why the streets weren’t a mess. Actually, I noticed that the businesses were really into the festival and seemed to be doing really good business. One of the bartenders I spoke with told me that the festival was run by volunteers this year so maybe that’s what made the difference. Good job to whomever put it together. I had a great time!

  • I quit going for many years for all the reasons mentioned already – but this year was great. Lots more crafts, more room, more general easygoing merriment. A great day. Except we waited half-hour for a Circulator bus to take us there from Columbia Heights!

  • I worked at a booth and can concur that the initial set up was an absolute disaster. It was chaos. That being said, they found booth space for everyone and it all got sorted out and people all seemed quite pleased. Definitely didn’t seem like a smaller crowd than from years past. Tons of people still there at 7p.m. when the festival was over.

    For several recent years the festival was run by folks with questionable reputations and questions still swirl about where a lot of the money went. This year’s AMDay was organized by mostly volunteers and a lot of the business owners actually participated in the planning. Yes, there were bumps, but I think it’s headed in the right direction. And trust me, anything is better than the years when vendors were selling nothing but CDs and incense.

    • That’s impressive– big props to the volunteers and businesses who did the planning this year! The layout was so much better, and it seemed like everyone was having a good time. I came expecting just to stay an hour at the most, and ended up staying till 7.

      I hope that H street gets a similar overhaul. It was packed beyond belief last year– nearly impossible to move.

  • As a long-time Adams Morgan resident, I was really pleased with this year’s festival. I could tell there were some serious organizational SNAFUs (one whole stage of music got cancelled at the last minute, and it seems like the set up was a bit shaky for the vendors), but the overall tone was awesome. I was really happy to see more artists and craftspeople than other years, and less meat-on-a-stick. I scored a couple of really cool independently-made t-shirts. I also really dug the smaller stage this year by Little Shop of Flowers.

    Props to my sister Tamika Love Jones in the picture above! She’s wonderful. I was playing with the headline act on the Florida Ave stage, and sadly our set got cut since they ran behind schedule all day, but the crowd was awesome! It was a really nice day in the neighborhood.

  • Big props to the organizers, whoever they are. The cool factor of Adams Morgan just went up a notch or two thanks to the festival. I really liked all of the local bands and having craft vendors on 18th street instead of junk food was much, much better. I also thought it was really cool to have the new DC brewery, Atlas, have their launch in Adams Morgan that day. Hopefully these guys want to organize the festival next year. It can only get better and better.

  • I had a great time and so did my baby! The children’s entertainers at the Marie Reed School were great!

  • An entertainer told me there was a huge problem getting performances started because a couple stages didn’t have electricity or sound equipment set up. Attendee experience was good, and I did like that it was less crowded than in past years.

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