ANC Supports 16-screen movie theater for Navy Yard

Rendering via ANC Rep David Garber

From the Capitol Riverfront BID:

“At its September meeting, ANC 6D voted unanimously to support Forest City Washington’s newest project in the Capitol Riverfront, a mixed-use development comprising 600 residential units, 52,000 square feet of retail and a 16-screen movie theater on land across First Street, SE from Nationals Park.

The land is currently owned by the DC Government and occupied by DC Water, which will soon be relocated.

The Forest City Washington movie theater project and adjacent residential development bring another level of excitement and entertainment to the Capitol Riverfront. The Capitol Riverfront BID commends Forest City and Mayor Gray for their vision to continue the momentum on the Anacostia River through a unique public/private partnership.”

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  • Yes. This is definitely something the city needs.

  • This looks great!

  • Oh geez, for those of you who remember the old Union Station movie theater and hated it, can you imagine what this one will be like? Movie participation central….I will not be going as the old Union Station theater was frightening.

  • It is supposed to be one of these:
    An even more premium experience than those given by Alamo or Landmark cinemas.
    I, for one, welcome our new multiplex overlords.

  • Definitely needed. Chinatown is sold out too often.

    As for the Union Station comparisons, there have been other articles that have talked about an age restriction in the weekends/nights to keep the teens away.

  • This place can’t open face enough. Finally, a theater for the east side of the city.

    And LOL @ someone thinking this place will be like Union Station. More like Georgetown AMC….

  • Probably won’t break ground until 2040.

    DC Water still has to move and get FULLY built at a new location before they can start construction

    This area hasn’t been in a hurry to bring in entertainment/dining options so far.

    Amazing how much vacant space is still in that area.

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