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  • Rant: i’m supposed to play at a church service tomorrow out in Falls Church. I just realized that the nations tri is tomorrow and looked at the street closures. It looks like there isn’t any way to drive out to VA from DC in the morning. And I’ve checked, there is no way to get to this church on metro. It looks like all of the bridges are closed. I can’t completely tell, but sometimes they just use the HOV is being used on 395, but even if that is true they’ve closed 14th street to get to 395. Any ideas? I’m coming from Columbia Heights.

    • Look at the website for the nation’s triathalon – it gives more details on street closures. Looks like the 14th St bridge is open, it’s the HOV lane that is closed. And/or how about Key Bridge, Chain Bridge, get on the Beltway from Georgia or CT and go around?

      • Thanks! I hadn’t thought about going up to MD and over, I’ll have to look into that. That may be the best option. I took a look at the maps and at the road closure lists, but it looks like the approaches I know to the bridges are all closed (I don’t drive all that much, so it may just be that I don’t know the alternate routes). 14th street going south to the bridge is closed, Constitution is open to the bridge to 66, but the cross streets are blocked and they only say they might open them to cross traffic if they can, same for Key Bridge – the cross streets are closed. But up and around should work. Thanks!

        • I was going to suggest getting on 395 somewhere east of the 14th Street Bridge (maybe 7th St. NW? Or near Barracks Row in SE?), but I can’t tell from the triathlon website’s map whether the part of the route that includes 395 means that it will include all lanes or what.

          • Actually, now that I think about it, there’s no reason to go all the way to SE. At least in theory, you could take North Capitol south to New York Avenue, turn right (west) on NY Avenue, and then get on 395 at its very beginning.
            (This is assuming that 395 isn’t wholly blocked over the 14th Street Bridge.

    • Thanks all! I made it. I went over to the 3rd street tunnel and made my way out to 395 that way. I kind of wish that when the maps look like most of the entrances to a bridge are closed, they’d give hints as to which entrances are open. 🙂

  • That picture reminds me of the Exorcist IV: Walkies. Also 9/11.


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