$5,000 Reward Offered for Info on Group that Stoned an Opossum to Death in Carver-Langston


From the Washington Humane Society:

“On Saturday, September 14 to death at approximately 12:30 p.m. on the 1900 Block of H Street NE. Witnesses have stated there were approximately 15 children ranging in age from 10 to 20 years old involved in the incident.

The Washington Humane Society is seeking the help of the community for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this horrific act of animal cruelty. The Washington Humane Society is offering a $5,000 reward that will be given to any person who provides such information.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Washington Humane Society Humane Law Enforcement Department:
Officer D’Eramo
(202) 723-5730

Information will be kept confidential upon request.

Warning: Disturbing photo of the scene after the jump.


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  • Future sociopaths. This is how it all starts. Sickos.

  • 90% Probability that these kids parents are in the “system,” that these kids will be in it as well, and that they get more in services than they pay in taxes or earn in their own.

  • It is very a disturbing photo – and I can’t stand Opossums.

    What an absolutely barbaric act. I wish I were surprised. This is so lord-of-the-flies and is exactly what I’d expect from a bunch of animals – unsupervised, probably neglected and abused, children of multi-generational dysfunction. Such a shocker they behave so poorly in school and on the streets. Seems like it’s either “Old School” (abuse masquerading as) discipline or absolute neglect.

    Isn’t cruelty to animals (suggesting lack of empathy) a classic psych marker for sociopaths?

    • Yup. So I hope you have the same venom and scorn for hunters – who take great pride in killing for “sport”.

      • Uh, what? Hunting is a perfectly acceptable and legal hobby, so long as you’re not going after protected species. I’d say the vast majority of hunters (like, 98%) consume both the meat and skin of the animals they kill. Very, very, very few kill and just leave the body to rot; that would just be stupid.

        • Hunting is perfectly legal, but it’s subjective whether it’s perfectly acceptable. I personally don’t care if dude-with-truck-and-gun uses the meat after he shoots animals for fun. He’s still taking pleasure in killing defenseless animals and he’s still contributing to a culture of gun violence and blood. It’s more organized and accepted than stoning a possum in a street, but I don’t think it’s all that different. It’s like the difference between robbing a super market and white collar crime.

          • Hunting is exactly as acceptable as eating meat. And yes, hunting is fun, its more fun than buying meat in a grocery store, it is a fun challenge and it puts you closer to your natural state. If you are not a vegan, you should try it.

          • I think there’s a pretty massive difference between killing an animal relatively quickly and painlessly with a gun or a bow than stoning one to death. And I don’t think many hunters take “pleasure in killing defenseless animals” as much as they enjoy the chase, being outside, and testing their skills. That’s like saying that the only point of golf is to put a ball in a hole. True, but misses the point.

          • Just in case you’re not being sarcastic, ethical and legal hunting is a critical tool land management agencies and owners use to keep populations, such as deer that have few if any natural predators, from overpopulating their niche, destroying ecosystem viability, and starving to death slowly.

            It’s basic ecology. You just need to perceive it from a system level rather than individual. Many environmentalists have taken up hunting in recent years to help control invasive populations and such for the health of the landscape and wildlife.

          • Just to add the to the chorus. I think there are serious ethical considerations with eating any animal (although I do sometimes do so). But if you are going to eat meat, then hunting non-endangered species is by far the least cruel and most ethical way currently available to obtain it. Not only does the animal live a far more natural and generally humane life than does factor-farmed animals (even supposedly “free range” animals), but it’s death is often quicker. Also, as others have pointed out, hunting is often a critical part of ecology management – at this point many ecosystems are sufficiently unbalanced that without hunting some species would destroy their own habitat (and often the habitat of small endangered species at the same time).

          • This post is wrong on so many levels. Where to begin…

            “he shoots animals for fun.” or she (many women do like to hunt) and the act of shooting them isn’t generally “for fun.” It’s about the entire experience – getting up at 4:00 am, going out into the woods, taking a lot of effort to find and get close enough to the animal, and then shooting it (assuming you ever see an animal). It’s a challenge, unlike walking into a grocery store and buying a steak.

            “taking pleasure in killing defenseless animals.” you should go out in the woods and try to get close enough to a “defenseless animal” that you could shoot it. I’m not talking about seeing a deer in RCP. Go into the real woods and find a deer, or a turkey, or other game animal. They’re able to hide because they’re camouflaged, they hear, smell, or see you before you get anywhere near them, and you can spend days without ever seeing a game animal. They aren’t “defenseless.”

            “contributing to a culture of gun violence.” Most hunters I’ve ever met are extremely strict about gun safety. They seem highly unlikely to contribute to “gun violence.”

            “It’s more organized and accepted than stoning a possum in a street, but I don’t think it’s all that different.” Except the kids stoning a possum aren’t buying a hunting license that provides revenue to conserve wildlife; they are stoning an animal to torture it, whereas hunters do everything possible to kill an animal as quickly and painlessly as possible; and hunters respect the animal enough to eat it, rather than leave it dead in the road.

            “It’s like the difference between robbing a super market and white collar crime.” I’d say it’s more like the difference between robbing a supermarket and going into one and legally purchasing all of your groceries.

      • Ha! Actually, I grew up hunting.

        I don’t have an issue with hunting – at least not where you eat what you kill – so long as you do it humanely (meaning: in such a way and with a purpose to minimize the intensity and duration of the pain). I actually don’t have a problem with culling some animal populations (eg, the deer in RCP) to manage them at acceptable levels (esp. when we’ve upset the natural predator balance).

        @John has it exactly right below. There is a difference between taking sport in tracking and taking sport in inflicting pain, even if you choose not to see it.

        I don’t hunt any longer because I don’t actually take much pleasure in killing anything and because I dont’ have the patience or time to devote to dressing carcasses.

        BTW: plants scream too when you cut them and put them in your fridge.

  • You can’t fix these kids. Cannot be done. Just imprison them for the rest of their lives when you catch them – it is the only humane solution available.

    • Um, there were some studies of children raised in Eastern Bloc orphanages – IIRC, Russia and Romania? – where the infants had suffered from severe neglect – just never picked up or held. They were fed, but not abused. And they had horrific developmental issues as a consequence. There were simply not enough caretakers to go around and actually give them touch and interaction – nevermind the ones who were actively abusive.

      The impacts were very long lasting, but I thought they’d come up with some ways to address some of it. Of course, I’m reminded of the American woman who couldn’t handle the child she’d adopted from Russia and returned him ? She went on trial for abandoning the child?

    • That’s ridiculous…if you believe that, why do we have a justice system and correctional facilities at all? They’re *kids*. They can very much be reformed. Malcolm X was a criminal as a youth and became a globally recognized leader. Joe Kennedy was a bootlegger (the 30s version of a drug dealer) and he sired the greatest political dynasty in American history. Starting in a life of crime is not the same as being a criminal forever, that’s absurd.

  • WOW… how do people even sleep at night.

    The apple does not fall far for sure.

  • All this hand wringing and calling kids animals over a POSSUM?! Seriously?

    • Yeah, and 20 year old should not be called a kid. Good catch.

    • +1

      Welcome to DC….

    • I hate possums as much as the next girl and I certainly don’t cry when I *accidentally* run one over with my car. These kids are sociopaths though. Stoning an animal to death? Who’s to say it’s not going to be your cat or dog next? It’s not a far leap.

      • Precisely. I have no problem setting traps to kill mice, rats, and if I had a possum problem, to kill them. But there is a big big difference between coming up with a way to dispatch something quickly and with as little suffering as possible, and making sport/play out of slowly torturing it to death.

        I do have to agree there would be much less outcry if we discovered rats being killed this way, unfortunately.

        • I doubt it. It isn’t the value of the animal in question but the brutality of the act that is disturbing. Though, I fail to see how a rat or possum or dog or cat is a distinction worth making. Does anyone deny that a possum or rat does and can feel pain? For that matter, what is the difference between this and stoning a woman in Afghanistan? Brutality is brutality and a symptom of deep seeded psychological problems. Children who are raised to value nothing. Will these kids one day be as cold when they point a gun at you and shoot you to take your wallet?

          I hope the police throw them all in jail.

          • Uh, there is a big fucking difference between this and stoning a woman to death. I’m sorry you don’t see that.

            Which is not to say that this isn’t sick and wrong.

          • It should be the brutality of the act alone, and not the appeal or attractiveness of the animal in question but sadly this is often not the case. Animals which are ugly/feared/loathed enough are often killed quite brutally by people who are otherwise dripping with compassion and empathy. Snakes – often quite harmless snakes – leap to mind, but mice and rats (depite being fellow mammalians) are the same.

        • And a big +1 to “[T]here is a big big difference between coming up with a way to dispatch something quickly and with as little suffering as possible, and making sport/play out of slowly torturing it to death.”

    • +1 They’re bad kids that need to learn some compassion before they kill another human, but they’re not animals that should be locked up forever.

    • Absolutely Chris… OMG what is wrong with you?

    • kids will be kids. right, chris?

    • Chris, for their next trick I hope these deviants stone you to death.

    • It’s a convenient excuse for some people to express their true feelings.

      Funny thing is that if this animal was found in a rural area with it’s body riddled with bullets, no one would bat an eye.

      • Having spent a lot of time in rural areas with other poorly civilized offspring of poorly civilized parents, I can definitely attest that similar mindless brutality and cruelty takes place, and people do bat an eye. This is most assuredly not an ethnic issue, but a class/socio-economic issue and it’s real, sorry you feel insulted by that, but if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

        Of course,a couple of gunshots is much quicker and ultimately less painful than stoning.

        All killing is painful, but torture is the attempt to maximize the pain involved.

        • Nice try, but I’m not insulted at all by it. You are exactly right that is a class/socio-economic issue. It’s people assuming, based on their class and socio-economic status, that others of an assumed lower socio-economic status are less civilized than they are. Intersting that you assume this opposum was tortured when this bulletin from the Human Society says nothing about that. For all you know, the opposum could have been rabid and gone after someone in this group, and that led to the “stoning.” Or it could have been half dead already because it ingested some kind of poison. But it’s easier to construct a narrative of poor, “uncivilized” kids stalking, torturing, and killing an animal because that fits your preconceived notions better.
          And no, I don’t think anyone in a rural area would bat an eye at a report that a group of kids shot an opposum, or a racoon, or a rabbit.

          • Pretty simple to me:

            – hit with rocks until dead == tortured vs. gunshot = quicker death

            – while there are plenty of sociopaths at the top of the CEO ladder, and plenty of altruistic compassionate poor people at the bottom, in terms of random physical violence, the odds favor my reading of it. Occam’s razor.

        • cause upper-middle class and rich kids don’t abuse animals ?? please…. kids do cruel things and that’s that

    • How people treat creatures (other than humans) says a lot about them. Stoning an animal for pleasure is NOT the mark of of people who have their heads on straight. It isn’t just about the animal, it about the mindset people who took a certain amount of pleasure killing something for amusement. Yes that opossum isn’t a human but that still doesn’t mean killing it is acceptable behavior and it doesn’t mean outrage isn’t warranted.

  • Pieces of SHIT. KARMA better be a BIG BITCH to them.

  • Growing up in that neighborhood, there’s probably a greater chance that you will kill an animal before your 30th birthday than get to your 30th without spending time in jail. That whole area is a mess and needs to be redeveloped into a mixed income neighborhood, if we want these kids to ever have a chance in life.
    The buildings themselves look like cell blocks. It’s creepy.

  • Ya this is bad, but (I’m gonna be that guy) there are many far worse things a group of “15 children ranging in age from 10 to 20 years old” could be doing…and those things are often reported on PoPville. lord knows how many senseless animal killings i witnessed growing up on the mean streets of montgomery county. let us not forget that opossums are considered pests by many, and there are many companies that would gladly accept your money for killing one. who knows, maybe this opossum got into someones garden or attacked someones dog. some may even think these kids provided a service to the neighborhood.

  • Nowhere was the socioeconomic situation of these adolescents described. Most commenters here are making assumptions. If you think middle-class and rich kids don’t do things like this you are kidding yourself.

    • Seriously. This is normal kid behavior in places like Fairfax County.

      • Scrillin

        Yeah man, I remember me and my bros used to torture animals to death like alllll the time. In fact, that probably explains Fairfax’s higher test scores.

    • Pretty sure the socioeconomic status is made clear by the location. You think a bunch of kids from Beauvoir got lost on the way to Baskin Robins?
      Perhaps you’re naive, perhaps you’re playing devil’s advocate. But the comment is useless, as incidents like this serve to reinforce negative stereotypes that will shadow these kids their whole lives; no amount of bleating about how “they coulda been Swedish or Pakistani for all you know!” will change that. That change has to come from within the community, and I’m not seeing a lot of movement in that direction.

      • If you haven’t noticed how the murder rate in DC has dropped precipitously since the early 90s, you haven’t been paying attention. Change comes, if you’re actually looking for it.

        In 93, they would have been lighting that opossum and a few people up with Uzis. This is a fundamentally different city than it was 20 years ago.

        • Scrillin

          The joke is that it woulda been better had they just shot the damn thing rather than stoning it to death.

          Either way, it’s wrong.

  • I would rather them feed the hungry animals or spay or neuter them than to see them pay $5,000 for the death of a possum. I can’t tell you things we did to possums when I was a kid. Really people you’re getting upset over this. As Phil from Duck Dynasty would say y’all are to “yuppie”.

  • I shot BB guns at squirrels and skunks when I was a teenager. I don’t think this is a great idea, but it happens. You all are making these kids to be out to be the next serial killers that will eat people. Glue traps for rodents are worse than this. If these kids grow up to be “animals”, this was not the reason.

    • Interestingly, there’s been some sociological research into serial killers that has shown that often they have three behavioral traits in their childhoods: animal cruelty, bedwetting beyond an appropriate age, and fire-setting.

      • No… the serial killers known to have tortured animals typically did so in a hands-on way–dismembering them, ripping their eyes out, decapitating them, etc. That’s very, very, very different from throwing rocks at an animal from afar (not that I’m supporting that kind of behavior, but I think there’s a psychological mechanism that sort of dulls people’s responses to pain inflicted by violence when it’s indirect).

    • it’s not the reason, but it’s surely a symptom.

  • horrible. It is true – these kids are just starting their life of not respecting anything alive.

  • I’m fascinated by this discussion. A bunch of rich white people with expensive guns shoot birds in England; A bunch of white people with expensive guns shoot deer in rural USA; a privileged white person in Columbia Heights deals with a mouse problem effectively…. Where’s the ire? Where’s the disgust? Where’s the presumption of sociopathy? A young, injured unarmed Black man in North Carolina gets murdered by a White cop. Lots of silence.

    • The difference is in the laws. It is legal to shoot certain animals in certain places with certain firearms. It is apparently not legal to use stones to kill an animal in the District of Columbia. Does that clear it up for you?

      Also, you must be aware that there are dozens of advocacy groups and thousands of activists trying to enact laws that will make it ILLEGAL to shoot animals. And here’s the big difference: If someday it becomes illegal to shoot pheasants with dad’s vintage fowling piece, most people who currently hunt pheasant will STOP DOING IT. The illegality of using stones to kill a possum doesn’t seem to have affected the behavior of these individuals. So think on that a minute.

      • “The difference is in the laws.”

        “Because those are the rules” is one of the dumbest arguments a person can make. Shows you’re not thinking critically about the issue at hand at all.

    • I think that the obvious difference here is that, in the examples you cited, the animals will die relatively quickly and painlessly, whereas I doubt that our opossum friend met death quite as easily. I should add that I do think that calling these children monsters and sociopaths is a bit overboard.

      • So, all of the animals that get shot — or shot at — with guns are shot accurately – and die relatively quickly and painlessly? That seems unlikely… But I’ll wait to hear from more experienced folks on this one.

        • I rather doubt that every animal that gets shot with a gun/bow dies quickly and painlessly. But compared to being stoned to death? I think it’s clear which method minimizes pain/suffering. I don’t think that anyone who hunts animals–even pest animals like ground hogs–takes much pleasure in seeing the animal suffer needlessly, whereas stoning an animal to death is really all about taking pleasure in seeing it suffer.

          • As for the stoning part, I really have no idea, but I have heard from MANY adolescent boys with bb guns as well as regular guns about the delight in “popping” animals. I’m not sure where the pleasure came from exactly — but the descriptions were focused on excitement — like winning at a video game — rather than utility. I’m not suggesting that all — or even most hunting — has this element. I think I am trying to understand whether this is about a human, or adolescent, or adolescent male propensity for violence — using whatever culturally suitable “weapons”, methods and targets are at hand. (i.e. that this happened to an “icky” possum, rather than a poodle is not random). I’m also wondering if the comments on this event would be tempered if the possum eventually got eaten instead of trashed.

    • What’s more is that possums are nocturnal animals. if these kids stoned it, they likely did it during the day. if the thing was out during the day it is likely rabid and dangerous. Had animal control come across it, it would probably suffer a very similar fate.

      • This is laughable speculation, but I’ll play; had animal control come across it (and if it were really showing signs of rabies), animal control would have trapped and euthanized it to make the death as quick and painless as posslbe.

        Conflating turture and euthanasia as identical because both result in death is a facile (at best) argument.

        • I’m not at all condoning what those kids did, however I just can’t get worked up over it. Bored kids do stupid and cruel things.

          If I came across a possum during the day, i would certainly avoid it and call animal control. if the possum started approaching me during the day, you bet i would introduce it to a rock. Rabies is a dangerous infection and not something you want to mess with.

          • I think it’s every bit as likely these kids were out well after dark (as was the nocturnal animal). Yes, it’s possible the possum was rabid, but highly unlikely; bats and raccoons are much more likely to be reservoirs of the virus. Moreover, the likelyhood of kids being outside after dark is much higher.

            Bored kids do stupid things; being mean to animals is something we are generally taught is unacceptable. My original point is that this early teaching – along the lines of ‘everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarden’ – is what is missing in these kids. Worse, they’ve probably been taught this is appropriate behavior.

    • The obvious difference is that this animal was stoned/tortured, not shot. One bullet or two in it, whole different story.

      I believe (thank goodness) that the white cop is in jail now.

      Are you saying animal cruelty is an African American cultural characteristic that should be respected as simple diversity?

      • – Thanks for the update re the cop.

        – No, I’m NOT suggesting that animal cruelty is an African American cultural characteristic by any means. I am suggesting that “cruelty” of many kinds may be a human characteristic, that can come out pretty floridly sometimes with adolescent males. I’m also suggesting that it be seen in a cultural context: hunting for sport is viewed in a very different way from stoning a possum., and I’m wondering why: death is death, pain is pain. Why is one seen as “normal” and another seen as sociopathy? Utility is one reasonable argument. But a lot of comments clearly support killing for sport as long as it is done in a way that the commenter views as being “less painful” and maybe less messy than stoning, and I’m genuinely trying to understand this.

        • Sorry, I felt you raised a racial straw man; I do not believe ethinicity has any role here, that’s why I countered with one.

          On a more constructive note: yes, humans have a certain amount of predatory hunter behavior hard-wired in them. We are predators. The more testosterone poisoned we are the more this is true, which is why you see it disproportionately in young males. We also are hardwired for empathy, and particularly for small fuzzy “like us” critters. That’s why all cartoon characters have giant eyes with giant pupils.

          There are distributions of these traits; there are humans who lack all empathy, and even more who appear to lack any predatory instinct. However, a lot of our behavior is learned or culturally mediated. Left without any cultural/parenting influence, we’d be pretty much wild – Lord of the Flies wild – at least a lot moreso than we are now. Culture (family of origin early conditinioning) mediates these behaviors a LOT.

          I said it elsewhere in the comments, but you are setting up a false equivalence when you say all killing is the same. To see this simply, consider a veterinarian administering euthanasia to an animal with terminal kidney disease in extreme pain. Is that the same as killing a healthy kitten by feeding it antifreeze? Or pulling off limbs? Or suffocation? Not all deaths are equal,but these are all deliberate acts causing death. If you have empathy (awareness of the feelings of others) then you recognize the more ‘horrible’ deaths as more horrible, not because of culture, but because of your ability to project the experience onto yourself.

          Sociopaths are indifferent to the suffering of others. Killing for the pleasure of causing pain to another being – torture porn – is entirely different from killing to feed yourself or to protect yourself (whether a direct threat or not: rats). There are sadistic hunters, no doubt, but hunting itself is primarily about as quick and painless a death as can be inflicted. Hunting methods (eg, trapping) which do not conform to this are frowned upon; hunting methods which are seen as too unfair are frowned upon; there is cultural and social pressure to remove suffering from hunting as much as possible. The difference is all in the intent.

          Small children have to be taught to be gentle with household pets – to not hurt the cat or dog or whatever – because they often have no awareness they are hurting the other animal. They often are naturally empathetic and still need this nurturing to accelerate the process.

          I see these kinds of random acts of cruelty to animals as part of a cycle of abuse where one victim finds a weaker being and inflicts abuse on it. I’ve seen this kind of brutality in white rural ‘trailer trash’ as much as ‘thugs in the hood’.

          • Just to clarify, I don’t believe — and don’t think I said — that all “killing” (i.e. the process) is the same, although I did say that I believe that “death” (i.e. the result) is the same. I certainly agree that euthanasia is very different from opportunistic murder, or sadism.

            I really appreciate the detail with which you’ve described hunting and the cultural context of hunting — which is something WAY outside of my own experience.

            I’m guessing that a big part of this is, indeed, about empathy — as well as about who or what we decide is worthy of our empathy.

          • “I’m also suggesting that it be seen in a cultural context: hunting for sport is viewed in a very different way from stoning a possum., and I’m wondering why: death is death, pain is pain. Why is one seen as “normal” and another seen as sociopathy?”

            Death = Death; Pain = Pain. That’s right where you create the (false) equivalence. Sure death is death, but deaths by means of varying degrees of pain are different.

    • I’m hesitant to respond to this because you seem to be alleging some kind of racial bias when it comes to whether or not it’s OK to kill. Is that what you’re saying or did you just word your post badly?

    • Basically, YMBNH.

      Personally, I think stoning it was cruel. We used to call AC back home. It was not rare for people to shoot them too (not an urban environment). These posts allow the yuppies to air their true feelings.

  • $5k is a lot of money. Given that stoning a possum is probably slap-on-the-wrist territory, especially for a juvenile, I wonder if one of the participants will come forward.
    Heck, I wonder if it doesn’t start a trend– commit horrific but lightly-punished crimes (which pretty much means against animals), have your friends collect and split the reward.
    Remember that episode of Veronica Mars? Where someone was stealing dogs, then returning them for the reward money? Same deal.

  • whats the difference between a possum and an opossum

  • I blame Shirley Jackson for this one.

  • A bunch of teenage boys throwing rocks at a rodent is not the sign of sociopathy that a lot of people who were apparently never teenage boys seem to think. Throwing rocks at targets is probably as locked into the DNA as the urge to reproduce. Throw in a little boredom, some peer pressure, a little group think enthusiasm, pervasive cultural violence and a lot of testosterone and this stuff happens. I had a bunch of friends that had a few beers and went on a rat-killing binge in the back yard — clubs and sticks. A bunch of nice guys who became respected professionals.
    I realize that you’re supposed to be licensed and probably well-off to kill wild animals — and I don’t think eating the animals or not has any effect on the moral angle of killing, and I’m sure the deer doesn’t care — and that ghetto kids would frighten the respectable animal killers if they showed up in the wilderness. But I can;t get too upset about this gang.
    Mind you, not that I’m excusing this. There should be consequences. And maybe one or two of the kids are the kind of sociopaths that get these sorts of activities rolling. (anyone remember the kid who killed Omar on The Wire? What he was doing the first time he laid eyes on Omar?).

    But let’s keep the hand-wringing to a minimum. Teenage boys will do stupid and violent things, especially in groups — even those of us who had the good taste to grow up affluent, educated and white.

  • These comments are hilarious, folks getting worked up over a possum. When I bet most these commentators have set glue traps and poison. Neither of which is quick or pain free.

    If you don’t swerve for every cat, dog, squirrel, animal in general in the street to not hit them, then you have no right to throw stones.

  • I can only wonder what kind of a place the District would be if $5,000 rewards were routinely publicized for information leading to the arrest of those committing theft, assault, property destruction, etc.

  • i had an oppossum on my front porch recently and i wanted to do the same thing.
    i’ve throw rocks at rats.

    does that make me a sociopath?

    • I dunno, answer this: when the rat scurries off or the opossum does, do you chase it and corner and keep pelting it with rocks until it dies? If you kill a rat, do you drag it out as long as possible, or do you try to get it over with quickly?

      Serious questions.

  • 5 grand for ANY information?? What if I just call and say “it was definitely a bunch of black kids”.

  • Disgusting. A complete disregard for life in any form.

  • That is a block away from my house, sad. I’m wondering if that was the same one I saw some time ago, doubt it since there are likely many around. Good luck finding those kids btw, the whole Langston-Carver project is right there so there is no telling where those kids actually live.

  • What I really find amusing is that there are a number of people talking about “that area” and I bet you .05 that the majority of those people have never been there and know nothing about “that area”. As I said in an earlier post, I live on the opposite end of that block away and “that area”/block is actually a true, middle income, working class block that is rapidly being gentrified. Now as I mentioned over on 21st you still have the projects but I can tell you for certain that there are number of people, good people on that block that are lawyers, executives, business owners…that probably make more than a lot of you but I am sure you would judge them just the same based on them living in “that area”. So say what you will and I am not saying there are not challenges but in years I have been there I don’t know of anyone getting mugged, robbed or having their car broken into and we are not talking POS cars.

    Many of you really should take a nice hard look in the mirror.

  • How much of a reward does a person gets for killing a rat?

  • There really should be a long space after you write disturbing photo because I only scrolled once to read the article and already the photo was in view.

  • Many people raise the issue that this animal may have had rabies and gone after the kids. Google it – you’ll see that opossums are more resistant to rabies than almost any other mammal. The chance that it was rabid was almost zero.

    Second, when opossums are threatened, they often “play possum.” Having found many of them in our garage as a kid, and having had my current dog catch one, I can attest that they frequently just play dead when threatened. So, I doubt these kids were threatened in any way by this animal.

  • Gah, need to do some real work today, but final comment on this; this article touches on the issue of sadism as it relates to killing. Might be of interest to Blithe (and anyone else) seriously interested in this.

    • Thanks for posting the link. I’m impressed that the authors managed to find an ethical way to operationalize their research questions. And I’ll never look at coffee grinders the same way again……

  • People on this site care more about animals than humans.

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